connecting to WPA...HELP?

  stephlsibley 00:10 26 Jan 2008


My parents had to change the configuration for our wireless network and got a professional in but now my laptop (sony vaio) cant connect because the network is security enabled. I have been given the password keys to log in to it but it only goes as far as 'acquiring the network address' could this be because I need register my IP address? We are using netgear hardware. I have heard words like 'host' computer and 'clients' but not sure if this is relevant to me? do all pc's connected to the network go through netgear or through one computer? if it is the latter could it be that I need to register my IP address with it? If so can anyone tell me how I do this and where I find the IP address? or maybe this isnt the problem at all?? I am not really sure so I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer as I have got to send an essay to uni by email ASAP and its stuck on my laptop!!
Thanks for reading,
Steph xx

  Dipso 00:44 26 Jan 2008

It should just be a case of entering the new passkey into the prompt when you try and connect to the existing wireless network from the router. Aquiring network address could be a number of things, are you sure you have entered the correct key, did you Copy/Paste it?

If your essay is urgent you could always connect by cable to the router temporarily then sort out the wireless connection later.

  stephlsibley 01:10 26 Jan 2008

yeh im sure its correct because surely it wouldn't get to the acquiring network stage if it was wrong? I have tried it a number of times too and just tried copy/paste but im not connecting, it just keeps attempting to acquire the network address. If its not the IP address thats the problem, any idea what is?
Thanks for all your help and thats a good idea about connecting it to the cable.

  MAJ 02:30 26 Jan 2008

Make sure your parents professional didn't restrict access to the wireless network, allowing their PC only to connect. You can check by logging in to the router's config page using your parents PC.

  cream. 02:55 26 Jan 2008

IP addresses come in two types.
Static, ones that are always the same number
and dynamic, ones that change nearly every time you connect to the internet.

Have you been able to access this router before they "got a professional in" and changed the key. If so the IP settings should be still OK.

What the professional may have done is to limit the number of machines to access the router


setup the router with all devices connected to the router and their identities stored on the router. This would block any attempt by other machines to gain access to the router.

or even any other security setting to block intruders. i.e. firewall, hide the ssid.

The first thing I would do would be to check if your parents machine has a static or roving IP address. If it is static, you need to check those settings on your machine.This is easy to do, if you have access to the machine but we would have to know

what operating system they use i.e XP or Vista or other

and how they connect to the router i.e. by wireless connection or by a wired cable.

  cream. 02:57 26 Jan 2008

This is easy to do, if you have access to your parents machine but we would have to know >

  stephlsibley 03:17 26 Jan 2008

Yes I was able to connect to the internet before the configuration was changed but he also updated the router hardware itself, so its new equipment. He would not have limited the number of machines able to access the router because he was told that other machines would need to. The connection is security enabled but im not sure how he did that? I think he set up a whole new wireless connection because the name of it has changed. I have access to the PC and they use windows Vista and connect through wireless connection to the router.

Thanks for your help!

  cream. 03:38 26 Jan 2008

'I think he set up a whole new wireless connection because the name of it has changed. '

The name is called a SSID.

To find out the name

On your parents computer click on the windows orb > control panel > network and sharing center.

The name of the router will be in between this computer icon and the internet icon. This is the SSID and the one you connect to from your computer. So when you scan for networks on your computer, this is the connection you pick.

While you are in your parents settings, check on the IP address. To do this

click on view status > properties > internet protocol version 6(TCP/IPv6)

If it is obtain an IPv6 address automatically. It's a roving IP address

If it's a Use the following address, it's a static IP address. You would have to copy these figures and the ones for the DNS server, on the same page and check the settings on your machine.

  stephlsibley 03:52 26 Jan 2008

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry to be a nightmare but its actually windows XP they have they just have Vista software for some reason i.e. microsoft office word 2007. There is not a 'network and sharing' icon? The name I was refering to was the name that appears when you open available network connections, I was assuming that was the name of the router.

  cream. 04:03 26 Jan 2008

The name of the router. To check

Right click the wireless icon in the task bar > status > network. This is the routers name.

To check the IP settings.

Start > control panel > network connections > right click wireless network > properties > high light internet protocol (TCP/IP) > properties.

Check the IP settings as above for the vista posting.

  cream. 04:05 26 Jan 2008

Just waiting for our lift. We catch the coach at 5.45 so I may not be here when you come back.

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