connecting wireless to wired network

  ArnieM 20:40 18 Apr 2005

I have got a cat 5 wired network with 4 pcs running superbly and accessing the NTL broadband absolutely hitch free! I now want to be able to access this with a wireless lap top and pda - nobody seems to suggest how - anyone able to help?

  RealDopey 20:51 18 Apr 2005

Although you say you have a wired system you do not state how your 4 Pc's are connected. What's you exact setup?

  ArnieM 21:05 18 Apr 2005

The pc's are connected through a Netgear FS105 switch, each pc has a 10/100 pci network card.

The NTL modem is attached to one pc (running XP home), the other pc's share this connection through the network, two run W98 the others xp home.

  RealDopey 22:40 18 Apr 2005

Just swap the switch for a wireless router with 4 cat 5 ports on the back, that will allow you to plug in your existing pc's and add any w/less ones to your network.

  Brian-336451 16:42 19 Apr 2005

That's exactly what I did, a one for one replacement, wireless router for switch.

It's worth keeping the PC you set the router up with connected by ethernet cable until it's all set up - then it doesn't matter.

Sometimes (if I have a big download to do) I plug either laptop into the 10/100 socket just for extra speed, failing that the 11Mbs connection is adequate

The positioning of the router (aerial really) will influence its range but I have a house on 3 stories and the router is on the middle floor. All is well.

  ArnieM 19:30 19 Apr 2005

Sounds more straight forward than I thought. Thanks

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