Connecting wireless networks together

  docpepper 16:40 12 Jun 2008

A complicated situation !!!

I have just converted my cellars into an office and other rooms. I want a wireless network to cover the original area and the new area.
Originally my BT HomeHub covered the entire area upstairs, but was not able to penetrate the thick walls down to the cellar. Initial attempts involved the use of a newly purchase Range Extender from Belkin.
This seemed to work OK, but after setting up the signals are still not strong enough.
Is it possible to connect the BT HomeHub to the Repeater via an ethernet cable, and have essentially two separate wireless networks, connected by a wire ? (ie one for the original upstairs area and one for the new office area)

Another option I am considering, is the use of two HomeHubs, one upstairs and one downstairs, again to provide two spearate wireless networks runing from the same account. Or is this just daft ?

Or are there any other possible solutions out there that I have not thought of ?

  Taff™ 17:11 12 Jun 2008

click here Network Bridging.

I would investigate a wired link to the cellar and a wireless access point on the end of it to cover the cellar area. Check that your current wireless router when place conveniently in the cellar can be seen by the other cellar computers with a good connection speed.

  Taff™ 17:28 12 Jun 2008

Or if the wired option is not preferred see if a wireless repeater might be an option.

  docpepper 21:47 12 Jun 2008

OK, Thanks a lot.

I bought a Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender/Access Point to use as a Wireless Repeater as you suggested, but that did not work as I had hoped.

So I am thinking that I connect the BT HomeHub (upstairs) to the Belkin (downstairs) via an ethernet cable and use the Belkin as an access point. These two pieces of kit are already 'synced'.

Any thoughts / further advice anyone !

  Taff™ 21:54 12 Jun 2008

Let us have the model number of the Belkin "Range Extender" (I think it is a "Repeater")Perhaps you haven`t set it up correctly or more likely the cellars have, understandably, thicker walls than it can cope with.

  docpepper 09:55 13 Jun 2008

The model number is 'F5D7132', on the box, it is called the "Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender/Access Point".

It is set-up correctly (thanks to one and a half hours on the phone to Belkin Tech Support !), and the network does work, but only intermittently.

Obviously, when I was testing the network, it was a 'good day', but since being set up the travel of the network is not as great. With the signal in the office being only 25% strength at best, and sometimes not being there at all. And the 'repeater' does see the HomeHub about half the time, at which point it works perfectly upstairs, but then can suddenly switch off when the repeater loses the signal from the HomeHub.

Many Thanks for your help Taff.

  Taff™ 14:43 13 Jun 2008

I don`t have much experience with wireless repeaters I`m afraid. I understand the possibility of signal strengths dropping at will but the intricacies of syncing the two together escape me. I`ll do some research into your model over the weekend but a call back to Belkin wouldn`t go amiss. Ask them if a reboot of the routers and computers would work to re-assign all the IP addresses from the DHCP servers. Hopefully without you having to set up the repeater again!

  docpepper 16:08 15 Jun 2008


Spoke to the Belkin Technical people, and they were useless !!!!
Suggested that I upgrade to an 'N' wireless router and an 'N' wireless repeater ! Huge Costs !

In the end I connected the HomeHub and Belkin via ethernet, connected a Windows XP computer to the HomeHub via it's second ethernet port. Installed and ran the set up utility. Set the Belkin to work as an Access Point, not a Wireless Repeater, with the corresponding IP addresses.

And now I have two wireless networks bridged by an ethernet cable that works as a single wireless network !

Thanks for your help along the way Taff !

  Taff™ 23:06 15 Jun 2008

No Problem. (Wasn`t that what I said last Thursday?) Glad you`re sorted. Tick and Click Resolved?

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