Connecting Windows 95 PC to Broadband Internet

  cyberphobic 08:03 25 Nov 2005

I am trying to "repair" a friend's old PC, an old Packard Bell Pulsar with 200mhz cpu and 32mb RAM. He connects to the net using dial up but I have broadband, I want to download various progs like Ccleaner, Regseeker and Adaware as the computer is a real mess, but although I am using a network card I cannot connect. Will 95 recognise a network adapter,or should I be reconfiguring the internet connection in some way? Would it help if I upgraded from IE5 to IE6? or if I use a Windows 98 Upgrade disk would that solve the problem? Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated

  nikef 08:07 25 Nov 2005

to connect broadband to a pc it has to have os windows98 second addition

  Graham ® 08:09 25 Nov 2005

It may be better to load the programs by CD.

  mgmcc 08:15 25 Nov 2005

A Windows 95 PC should be able to use a network adapter, provided it is properly installed with 95 drivers. Once installed, broadband over the LAN from a router should be no different from any other network connection. You need to ensure that TCP/IP is installed for the particular adapter and that it is getting an IP address, either by DHCP from the router or manually configured.

The other option is to download the applications you want to your PC and transfer them over a network connection. I suspect the CD drive in an old Win 95 PC would be unable to read CD-R/RW disks, but it might be worth a try.

  cyberphobic 08:49 25 Nov 2005

Thanks very much for your suggestions, I think I can borrow a Windows 98 upgrade disk from work, and I have my own 98SE disk so hopefully that will be the easiest solution

  driving man 09:59 25 Nov 2005

all the programs you mention should load using dial up in less than 90 mins. Go that way first then consider upgrading when machine is clean. I am now on dial up so do know the timings ,, am awaiting B/Band any day now . However am on WIN 98 on one PC and XP on the others ---good luck

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