Connecting Win 98 to LAN

  Ex plorer 14:39 10 Feb 2006

I am trying to connect to my LAN with Win98
In select Network Component Type which should I select.
Client / Adapter / Protocol / or Service.
This is by Ethernet cable connected to a switch box.


  mgmcc 19:22 10 Feb 2006

I'm not sure why you are trying to install additional components but you should have:

- Client for Microsoft Networks

- File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

- Dialup Adapter (used for normal Dialup Networking)
- Your ethernet adapter (which will be shown by its name)

- TCP/IP for your Dialup Adapter
- TCP/IP for your Ethernet Adapter

You may also have IPX/SPX and/or NetBEUI protocols installed but to connect to other computers in the LAN, these would have to be installed in the other computers too. The internet *requires* TCP/IP protocol.

  mgmcc 19:26 10 Feb 2006

<<< You may also have IPX/SPX and/or NetBEUI protocols installed but to connect to other computers in the LAN, these would have to be installed in the other computers too. >>>

I should have clarified that by saying "to connect to other computers in the LAN USING THESE PROTOCOLS etc...". Normally TCP/IP is sufficient unless you are experiencing problems with connections between computers in the LAN.

  Ex plorer 10:31 11 Feb 2006

I will explain what I am doing.
I have all versions of windows and some MS DOS; my interest is in the history of software that was available during that era from the start of Windows 3.0.
My intention is to collect and load the most interesting programs.
I have 15 PCs to do this work all are Dell that have been office PCs.
10 of which are in use. All I want to do is connect to the Internet not share Computers.
My Set-up
BT Voyager 2100 modem with SafeCom 8 Port 10/100 Switch.
Ethernet Cable connects all my PCs.
All are from the MOBO. (No Cards installed)
I already have 3 PCs connected direct from the BT 2100, WinXP and WinXP Pro and Win2000.
From the switch I have Win ME and Win98SE connected.
I need to connect Early 98 next.
Then late 95 and Early 95
Win 3.11 3.1 Hopefully.
I have win 3.0 but not loaded up.


  mgmcc 12:18 11 Feb 2006

OK, so the computers you want to connect to the internet via the LAN need to have (a) a Network Adapter installed and (b) TCP/IP protocol installed.

  Ex plorer 12:43 11 Feb 2006

So I need a PCI card for each PC.
The MOBO Ethernet connection is not adequate.

  mgmcc 13:48 11 Feb 2006

If the older computers actually have an ethernet port on the motherboard, that's fine.

  Ex plorer 00:35 12 Feb 2006

All PCs have Ethernet ports I have just reloded win 98 but cannot get it to connect, the same aplies to win 95.
All I get is a connection, cannot be esatblished.
The Windows IE icon is there but I am now stuck for ideas.
I am with Tiscali and have tried making that my default.
It came up with MSNetwork before that even after I had gone through the wizard entering email and password for Tiscali.
Put me right if you can please i spent a lot of cash on this.

  Ex plorer 01:14 12 Feb 2006

click here Back again I have found click here I have found a yellow exclamation marks next to Dial up Adaptors. I then followed paragraph 5 and now have a red cross beside dial up adapter. it fond the missing driver but could go any further as the Next was not highlited.
I reckon I need to get drivers for the MOBO on Floppy any advice on this would be help full.
Maybe PCI Ethernet Cards complete with drivers will have to see what this would cost first.

  mgmcc 09:38 12 Feb 2006

If your internet access is via a *Router* (which then has a network switch attached to provide additional ports), the PCs *SHOULD NOT* be trying to connect to Tiscali. It is the router's function to connect to the ISP and, once online, any computers connected to it have internet access over the LAN. It should just be a matter of connecting the ethernet cable between PC and router (or switch connected to router) and you have internet access.

The ethernet adapter obviously has to be properly installed with the correct drivers and TCP/IP Protocol for the Network Adapter installed - Win 95/98 install separate TCP/IP entries for each "adapter" in the PC. You shouldn't actually need the "Dialup Adapter" for connection by ethernet to the router, but its problems might indicate another underlying problem. You might be able to fix it from Control panel > Windows Components (or similar).

  Ex plorer 16:45 12 Feb 2006

Tried every thing in CP.
Can you help me with the correct driver if it fouls up no matter I will reinstall here
Service Tag QSIN4.
PC Optiplex.
Require Ethernet Driver.
It says the PC is a 160L In the BIOS it says
GXI 400L. I think its refering to prosseor size or a different MOBO has been fitted.

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