Connecting to VPN via NTL / ADSL

  accord 22:16 05 Jan 2005

I work from home and my employer wants us external sales staff to connect to the company network via freedom to surf BB.

They will supply a router so we can connect a laptop and our own pc if need be, but they are dragging their heals with anyone using NTL.

So........ my question is, I cant see any difference if I use a cable router or an ADSL router to connect my pc and the work supplied laptop.

Someone please confirm if it makes any difference. Im sure IT dept fob us off with tech speak everytime we try and get an answer out of them.

As usual, thanks in advance.

  LeadingMNMs 22:26 05 Jan 2005

I don't know for sure, but there shouldn't be any reason for a cable connection to work any different to a standard telephone one.

The router should make any necessary conversions to allow data to be sent along the cable, and so this shouldn't be a problem assuming the router supports VPN.

  accord 22:32 05 Jan 2005

cheers for the quick reply.

I wasnt aware that routers had to be VPN compliant. I thought that the VPN software on the laptop would sort that out.

However, I am willing to be told otherwise.

  LeadingMNMs 22:38 05 Jan 2005

I thought it was a router thing, but having looked at my routers configuration I can't see anything about VPN, so chances are that has nothing to do with the router.

  octal 22:38 05 Jan 2005

I take it that NTL is your own ISP and the company want you to use their computer on their chosen ISP, freedom to surf BB. If they are paying the bill for all this, then why worry? You lucky person, you've got two connections for the price of one! I apologise in advance if I've got the wrong end of the stick.

  accord 22:44 05 Jan 2005

You are spot on apart from we, as in employee, have to pay for the connection and claim back to price via expenses. yeah i know sounds likes it in their benefit when i suppose it is when you consider theres about 150 ext staff being connected.

I did think about having 2 BB connections, 1 x NTL & 1 x F2S but then I really want them to pay for my BB but dont want F2S when im more than happy with NTL.


Anyone else re the router VPN thing.

  dan11 23:09 05 Jan 2005

It maybe that F2S have allocated your company a dynamic NAT. This is an " An internal network (stub domain)"click here

This works differently from the usual NAT ( network address translation) that NTL are probably using. The setting up of a VPN,which require inbound specific ports to be forwarded to the client machine. This could cause problems or security breaches from NAT at the gateway.

I believe cissco, the developers of NAT, offered a solution, at one time, to overcome the problems of a dynamic NAT and a static NAT.

Some white papers and solutions that may be worth here

  accord 23:19 05 Jan 2005

Yeah im sure you're right on that one.

I dont think NTL offer a dynamic NAT as it creates a new NAT each time you log in. Could/probably wrong on that but i think i know what you mean. BTW: we use Cisco VPN client.

Thanks for the reply anyway

  Danoh 23:50 05 Jan 2005

I've used a company supplied VPN piggy backing on my NTL cable modem's internet TCP/IP connection without any problems. I did not reclaim the cost of my NTL sub nor did I want the extra clutter of an ADSL modem and endless filters for the phone sockets around the house.

  TBH1 00:07 06 Jan 2005

for what its worth - - I used VPN quite successfully via my tiscali broadband using a usb modem - - then installed a netgear router/modem/access point thingy, and now can't :-(

I'm sure there will be a way of configuring this router, but not managed it yet.

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