Connecting to University network

  Jackcoms 18:27 26 Aug 2005

My elder daughter is due to start at university next month. She has a network/web connection available in her room and the university's website says that she will need a "network cable" to connect her laptop to it.

I assume that this means an RJ45 CAT5E straight through Ethernet cable.

Am I correct?

  VoG II 18:38 26 Aug 2005

I presume so but don't they have a helpline e-mail or phone number that you can check with?

I would buy a long one - you can bet that the socket is in an inconvenient location.

  Jackcoms 19:26 26 Aug 2005

Yes, I'm sure they do have a helpline. But I'm so happy and excited for my daughter I want to get all her kit NOW!! :-)

"I would buy a long one - you can bet that the socket is in an inconvenient location".


Yep, thanks. That thought had already passed through my mind. ;-))

  LastChip 19:56 26 Aug 2005

Having had one daughter just complete her degree and another about to start, I can assure you it will be straight through. Crossover cables are only used in special circumstances, connecting two local computers together for example, but not in a server/client situation.

Get a long one is good advice. I think I bought daughter number one, a cable about fifteen feet (five meters approx) long and it's just as well I did. The socket was in a most inaccessible place and it proved to be a blessing to have a long cable.

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