Connecting two PC's wirelessly

  simon_lambert 12:20 12 Feb 2007

Ok, I have two computers which I would like to connect wirelessly.

1st: A good PC with 256MB Ram, connected to internet, with printer.

2nd: Much more powerful, no internet or printer.

The PC's cannot be switched round. I would like to be able to use the printer on the 2nd machine, share files, and play multiplayer games, and share an internet connection.

What hardware will I need for this? Posting URLs of good hardware is also helpful. Thanks, Si

  STREETWORK 18:27 12 Feb 2007

1. Who is your internet provider?

2. Connect a wireless router to the main PC
3. Use a wireless adapter USB or Card installed on second PC.

Follow the instructions provided with the kit.

To share the printer, open control panel then printers and faxes. Here you can select the properties of the installed printer and the sharing tab. Choose to share option. On the second PC, once connected, in control panel, printers and faxes, select to add new printer in the left panel. Follow the wizard to install the printer, done...

  STREETWORK 18:28 12 Feb 2007

PS- What operating system is running on each PC? if XP I would advise upping the 256 to double...

  Strawballs 20:53 12 Feb 2007

click here

Everything should be covered here.

  mgmcc 09:15 13 Feb 2007

To create a wireless network for Internet access and File/Printer sharing, you have essentially two options:

1) Install a Wireless Network Adapter in each PC and create an “Ad Hoc” Wireless Network. This is a network in which the two PCs talk directly with one another, rather than via a Wireless Access Point. “Internet Connection Sharing” is then enabled on the actual Internet connection in the “host” PC and the “client” PC will have Internet access provided the “host” is running and online.

To enable “Internet Connection Sharing” in Windows XP, open the Network Connections folder, right click the actual internet connection (modem connection), select Properties and then the Advanced tab. Tick the box “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

When you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the Internet connection, it automatically configures the network adapter used for your "Home Network Connection" with the IP address and subnet mask If you have more than one adapter available for this purpose, e.g. both a "Local Area Connection" and a "Wireless Network Connection", you will have a drop down list from which to select the appropriate adapter. The "Client" PC's Wireless Network Connection should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "Host" PC. Also, if you run the Zone Alarm firewall in your "Host" PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or "ICS" traffic will be blocked.

2) The preferred option for connecting more than one computer is to use a broadband Router and, with ADSL, this should be a combined “Router/ADSL Modem”. This is an “Infrastructure” wireless network because the connected PCs communicate via the router’s Wireless Access Point. Again, a wireless adapter is installed in any PC that needs to connect wirelessly, but often the main PC is close enough to the router for it to use a “wired” connection with only the remote PC connecting wirelessly.

With a router, it is the router which connects directly to the ISP and not one of the connected PCs. The router in turn allocates the IP addresses to the PCs, using one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks, usually

Either of these options will additionally allow you to run File and/or Printer Sharing wirelessly across the network.

If you are running software firewalls, these need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers, which may involve adding their IP addresses in a "trusted" section.

  RONGC 16:06 24 Jun 2007

I have a desktop computer also a laptop , i have a home hub bt router broadband i am having trouble trying to connect my laptopto my printer, it keeps giving me a message printer spool not running , has anybody any ideas would appreciate any help , thanks rongc

  Si_L 18:01 24 Jun 2007

Please move your question onto a new thread, I get am getting emails in response to your questions otherwise! It is also better manners to start your own thread than hijack an old one.


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