Connecting two PCs to the Net

  Digit 13:05 27 Aug 2005

Hi I have two PC side by side as it was the most convenient place to have them one is connected to the net by a 330 modem.

I have two modems both 330 of the same make, I tried putting a split connector where my BT socket is and connected both PC into it using the two modems and ADSL Filters independently from the two computers.

This does not work as I thought only one would connect, can any one suggest how I can if possible use the two together or give advice on what to do or buy.


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 14:05 27 Aug 2005

2 network cards and a cross over cable instal 1 card in each machine attatch cable connect one machine to the net then share the connection with the other would be the cheapest option

the machine directly connected to the internet would have to be on for the other to connect

2 network cards 1 router 2 patch leads more expensive but gives independance to each machine

or wireless 1 router 2 adaptors eliminating wires

a few ideas for you to have a look at hope it is of some help

  Digit 14:22 27 Aug 2005

Zaphod Beeblebrox

OK thanks

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