Connecting Two PCs for File Transfer

  onokeck 13:15 20 Nov 2004

I gather it is possible to connect two computers together and select files from the primary (old one in my case)to the secondary (new one). If so, what connector(s) are required and how do I identify the secondary pc on the primary pc? Is that 'clear as mud' or what? I am having great problems in trying to move files via CD backup, so I would like to try this if it's feasable. I hope this isn't some dumb idea I have dreamed up!

  smudge101 14:20 20 Nov 2004

Hi. Both PC's need a network card (fairly cheap, see here: click here) and these need to be connected by a crossover cable.
If you have Win XP there is a good network wizard to set it all up.

  VoG II 14:21 20 Nov 2004

If at least one of them has Windows XP then click here should help you.

  jimv7 14:22 20 Nov 2004

Connect your old drive in place of the cd/dvd, copy and paste all files required remove old drive reconnect cd/dvd.

  woodchip 14:41 20 Nov 2004

I just use a USB bridge cable, Between £8 and £27 depending where you buy it you just load the software and drivers on both computers and connect the cable No setting up, just double click the Icon on the desktop on both computers. You can connect several computers in this way.

  Carafaraday 15:05 20 Nov 2004

'USB bridge cable' can you just plug that into the USB socket on one pc and into one on the 2nd pc and off you go? Sounds too simple to be possible!

  onokeck 15:53 20 Nov 2004


Can you please elaborate a little on this method?
Like Carafaraday, I also think it's too simple when compared to the other methods suggested in the thread replies. Thanks Casey

  smudge101 16:28 20 Nov 2004

You can get USB to USB cables to transfer files and they are easy to use. I have one by a company called laplink.
The upside is they are easy to use. The downside is they are slower than propernetworking, the cables are not that long and you can only use them for file transfer.
If all you want to do is transfer a few files now and then they are great as long as your machines are fairly close!

  Carafaraday 22:37 20 Nov 2004

Thanks for the explanation - there's always a downside but interesting to know that it's possible.

  Kalb 23:04 20 Nov 2004

Have you got USB on both computers ?
Purchase a Pen/Flash/Personal Memory storage stick...PCW are selling some cheaply for Xmas at the moment...insert into the USB on old appears as a new temporary drive ( like the digital camera ) Select the files you wish to move....Send to new Drive (say F)....remove and insert in new PC and download the Bob your Uncle !!

  Strawballs 23:06 20 Nov 2004

The easiest way if you don't intend to keep both networked and the quickest for file transfer is to do as jimv7 said tack the HDD that you want to transfer from out of the old machine and connect it in the new one either a spare IDE ribon and power supply or temp remove cable and power from CD Rom, you dont have to screw it in just rest it somewhere then reboot and simply drag and drop the files it won't take very long at all. Oh yes make sure that you set it to slave incase it is set up with the boot drive.

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