Connecting two computers, one not on net.

  Dobba 11:23 09 Feb 2005

We have two computers, a Mesh connected to Broadband and running Windows XP SP2 and a smaller computer running Windows 98 which is not connected to the internet or a telephone line.
I would like this second computer to be connected to the net and believe there is a gadget I can buy which will do this without threading wires all over the house (The two comnputers are on different floors).
My questions are:-
1)Can I do this, without having to connect the second computer to a telephone line and/or pay for a second ISP.
2) If it is possible, will I need a separate Firewall and/or Virus Checker on the second computer? (The main computer already has Zone Alarm and Norton Anti-Virus fitted.)

  Chezdez 11:29 09 Feb 2005

basically, you want to set up a home network to share the internet, and want it done wireless to avoid having cables running all over the shop?

firstly, for the sake of a home network, it's gonna be much much easier, and cheaper, to simply set up a wired network (it's only two wires)

as for what you need, for wireless, an ADSL router/AP (Access point), and a wireless card in eacj PC

for wired, an ADSL router/switch, and a stretch of cross over cable (you will get a small pacth lead with the router that you can use to connect to the PC that the router will be next to)

  FelixTCat 11:54 09 Feb 2005

The only way to do this without "threading wires all over the house" is to set up a wireless network. The best way to do this would be to use an ADSL wireless router to connect to your ADSL line. You would then use a network cable to connect your XP computer to the router and a wireless card in the other computer. Something like this router: click here and this card for the Win98 pc: click here

It would be possible to put one of the latter cards in each computer and save a little bit of money. The pay-off is that the system is harder to set up, harder to maintain, much less secure and the XP computer would have to be running all the time you wanted to access the internt from the Wi98 computer.

It would be best to put a firewall on the Win98 computer (free ones are available) and antivirus software is essential.

  Chezdez 11:59 09 Feb 2005

sorry, forgot to mention that you will need network cards for the wired network as well, ooops

  FelixTCat 09:50 10 Feb 2005


Please note that private emails should only be used to send any information that should not be published on the forum but may be useful in solving problems. Otherwise they may prevent others either contributing to the assistance or (blushing modestly) learning from the advice.

You asked: Just one thing, you recommend a Belkin PCI Adapter and I notice that there is also a Belkin 802.11 Router on the same site. Is there any advantage in having both Belkins? - presumably I still need the PCI adapter with the Belkin router.

I only used the references as examples. Whilst there may be advantages in buying all the equipment from one manufacturer, particularly if it offers features only available that way and which you need and are prepared to pay for, my experience is that it is not really necessary. If the price difference is nominal, then do so but don't pay a premium unnecessarily.

The pci adapter is for the Win98 computer, which I assumed is a desktop model. If it is a laptop, a pci adapter is no use, but the router I mentioned comes with a laptop wireless network card.

  Dobba 11:04 10 Feb 2005

Sorry about the breach of protocol, no disrespect intended.
Thanks for the further information, I can now go ahead & purchase the gear knowing it is what I need.

  Dobba 17:32 22 Feb 2005

Thanks to advice above, I have now obtained an ADSL Router which appears to be set up o.k. as '[email protected], 'WLAN' and 'LAN Status' lights are all lit.
I have gone throughthe installation proceedure and have been able to reach click here. which I am assuming means that I have been able to connect to their site via the router, so it is working.
What is not working is an ability to connect to the internet by the usual method (I had to re-set my Wanadoo ADSL modem to type this.)
I have worked through the problem-solving proceedure but still can't connect to the internet via the router, which is an "Office Connect" ADSL wireless 11g Firewall router.
Anyone any ideas?

  Chezdez 17:35 22 Feb 2005

make a new post in the network forum please, as you have already ticked this as resolved, so most people will just pass over it


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