Connecting two computers by Network Cable

  spirojunk 10:34 27 Sep 2007

Hi guys, I've been trying to connect two computers (1 Vista, 1 XP) via a crossover network cable. They both recognise each other (although not always), but it is very temperamental. Both computers display a warning stating there is "limited to no connectivity".

I have tried copying files from one computer to another and it has never completed successfully, crashing very early on.

I have tried the same thing on two XP machines and had the exact same problems. Before you ask, I have used the windows network setup wizard.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  speedbird_zero1 10:47 27 Sep 2007

If transfering files has never completed. one can suppose that it did indeed start in the first place. This being so means the connection itself is indeed correct. Chech the integrity of the cable itself, is it a good fit, is it slack, is it mucky, can you try another cross over cable? if all that seems ok or makes no difference go to the XP machine and check it's connection plug as if the same is happening on 2 XP machines, maybe the Vista machine is ok and the fault is with the common link, one of the XP machines.
Hope this helps

  recap 10:53 27 Sep 2007

Do a ping test to establish whether the two can communicate. To do this open a Command Prompt and type in the IP address of the other machine as follows: ping then do the same on the other machine: ping Your IP addresses will be different to these. If you do not know what they are, in a Command Prompt type the following in each machine: ipconfig/ all note the space before the word 'all'.

  spirojunk 11:40 27 Sep 2007

Hi guys, I have tried with a different crossover cable and it does the same thing.

You say that the fault could be with the common link, but what fault could there be with the computer? I've recently used the network card on it to connect to a router and it worked perfectly.

Is there something different about connecting two computers directly with crossover cables?

I'll try the ping test this evening, but as far as I'm aware they can communicate, because I have been able to transfer small files.

  Eric10 11:57 27 Sep 2007

Look on the website of your XP Machine's network card manufacturer to see if there is an updated driver.

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