Connecting TV, DVD Recorder, VCR and Set Top Box

  bilbobaggins_50 15:34 09 Mar 2006

I have:

Bush TV 2800 with 2 scart sockets (SS) - SS1, not marked (presume AV1); SS2, AV2.

Liteon DVD Recorder (LVW-5025 HDD + DVD Recorder) with 2 scart sockets (SS) - SS1, scart in (AUX); SS2, scart out (TV).

Logik LDR1 Digital Set Top Box with 2 scart sockets (SS) - SS1 TV; SS2 VCR.

Phillips VR 220 with 2 scart sockets (SS) - SS1, Ext.1 AV.1; SS2, Ext.2 AV.2

Belkin Pure¦AV Scart Switch Box with 3 sockets - DVD, Video and Aux.

I am a beginner and completely confused by the names and abbreviations.

I cannot get my TV to show programmes or recordings from DVD, VCR or top box now I am using the Scart Switch Box. When I was using seperate scart leads the DVD worked; the top box worked but only to watch programmes could not record from set boxc, and the VCR I could not get to connect.

I want to be able to record from the top box and VCR (as well as the TV) to the DVD recorder.

Can any one put it in simple terms what I have to do to connect and record from each piece of equipment?


  Stuartli 16:00 09 Mar 2006

The normal set up is to connect your TV aerial to the Freeview box and its aerial outlet to the VCR with, in turn, the final TV aerial link from the VCR to the TV itself; the set top box's Scart lead goes to the VCR and a second Scart lead from the VCR to the television set's Scart AV socket.

Recording from the digital set top box may require some searching to find the correct channel - my set up uses the Satellite L1 or L2 channel (it's a 13-year-old VCR!).

The VCR can be used for normal terrestial recordings as normal (I.m working on the basis that your DVD recorder will be the equivalent of a normal VCR).

You'll probably find that a Scart switching box is more trouble than it's worth, especially if it's a manual version.

  Carbonara 16:11 09 Mar 2006

Best, but not the cheapest solution is to get a Quintro electronic switching box, It detects which device is active and that is what you see on screen (you still have to set Sound via your Amp)

  wjrt 18:29 09 Mar 2006

click here

seems good

  bilbobaggins_50 21:02 13 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help, it's great and it works and with a little bit of adjustment (luck!) I have been able to get the VCR to work as well. That's the good news ... the bad news is, when watching the Set Top Box it has a green tinge to all colours?

Any thoughts? I have reinstalled, looked at the configuration, etc., but too no avail. The TV, DVD and VCR work and look fine (except for just a set of diagonal lines on BBC1 when watching the TV).

Thanks once again and any thoughts as to what might be causing the green tinge would be appreciated.

  Stuartli 22:18 13 Mar 2006

You may have to switch from RBG to Composite in the menu or vice versa.

  johnnyrocker 23:41 13 Mar 2006

duff scart lead try another to prove?


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