Connecting Telewest cable box to media centre PC

  HelenMelons 18:24 06 Aug 2006

I am trying to connect our Telewest set top box to our Media Centre PC. I have windows media centre and am unable to complete the wizard that guides you through setting up the TV signal. We have checked all of our connections and as far as i can see these are ok but it just keeps telling us there is no signal. I have a hauppauge analogue/digital tv card and have also tried a pinnacle analoge tv card. We have been told by telewest and Mesh that it should be possible bust it just isn't working. Can anyone help.

  ArrGee 21:27 06 Aug 2006

Just for a start, I'm giving this advice blind as I do not have the same set-up as yourself.

First of all, are you sure that you analogue-out connection is outputting to the tv card?

Secondly, have you made sure that the settings on your set-top box is allowing and analogue output?

Have you tried scanning using the Hauppauge software? If you have, then you may find that it will only pick up one channel (i.e; the channel that your Telewest box is set on. Any channel changes will have to be done through the Telewest box.)

Media Centre is a pain in the bs when it comes to configuration with TV/SAT, but try the above first.

  ArrGee 21:28 06 Aug 2006

Sorry for the bad grammar!

  HelenMelons 08:25 07 Aug 2006

Arrgee, I have tried both TV cards and get no signal with either. The only way I can get a signal is if i say i have no set top box and just basic cable then it picks up the one channel that the telewest box is tuned to, but the picture is naf and breaks up all the time. I've looked up some more info on this and it could be my connection. I'm using a co-ax cable at the moment, the only other option on my telewest box is a scart but i think you can get an adaptor that converts the scart to composite which is on the tv card. Any thoughts??

  Stuartli 09:09 07 Aug 2006

You can get Scart to Composite leads - ensure that it is a two-way version.

Your Hauppauge card's menu will most likely have the option to select S-Video and Composite from its input menu.

  HelenMelons 09:20 07 Aug 2006

Thanks, i will try the lead and see if it works. I hope it does this is driving me mad and costing a fortune in phonecalls to helplines who never seem to be able to help!! If anyones has any more ides on solutions please let me know.

  Stuartli 10:30 07 Aug 2006

Is your set top box one by Pace? See:

click here

  HelenMelons 10:33 07 Aug 2006

No mine is a Scientific Atlanta 4200DVB.

  Stuartli 11:25 07 Aug 2006

Your box is also known as a Telewest Explorer 4000/4200DVB

See the last posting in this thread:

click here

Apparently the company was taken over by Cisco last year. See:

click here

ntl also uses its set top boxes. See:

click here

  HelenMelons 11:51 07 Aug 2006

Yes I agree that the connections on the set top box are naf. Only scart and co-ax. If the scart to composite lead doesn't work I will have to go back to Telewest again as I think it is more a problem with the box than my PC or TV card. Maybe if i cancel my subscription they may help but i doubt it. My Hauppage tv card has composite and s-video connectors so i've got my fingers crossed. Thanks for your help.

  HelenMelons 08:07 08 Aug 2006

Managed to get a scart to composite lead and now have a signal!! unfortunately it's not great and keeps freezing and breaking up!! We saw a demontration of a media pc at pc world and they did't describe any of these problems! is there anyway you know of boosting the signal? Do you think i should ask for a better box?

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