Connecting a Stereo Amp to a Laptop Like DJ's Do??

  laurieballard 21:49 03 Oct 2005

The sound output on my laptop is poor. i know that dj's use laptops nowadays and i assume they use an amplifier, which connects to the laptop and the amp then powers the speakers. i was curoius to know if what i have said was right and if so how do you connect an amplifier to a laptop.

PLz Help


  phono 22:02 03 Oct 2005

The simplest way would be to use a cable, with a suitable plug(s) on each end, connected into line out on the laptop and to an available, suitable, input on the amp.

Most laptops have a 3.5mm stereo jack socket for line out, it would then be a matter of sourcing the correct lead to suit the amp, try here click here one of my favourite sites, excellent products and service.

  laurieballard 22:05 03 Oct 2005

i have a sony vaio laptop, bout 3 weeks old and it has a headphone socket and a mic socket, cant find a line out???

  GaT7 22:06 03 Oct 2005

One of the easiest ways to improve laptop sound is to use an external soundcard (please ignore if not applicable). G

  phono 22:08 03 Oct 2005

The headphone socket should be quite alright.

  laurieballard 22:10 03 Oct 2005

ok cheers, im thinking of gettin a sound blaster external card that has a line in, which means i can connect an external amp and run the sub

If i do connect a subwoofer to a decent exterenal amp, will it sound just as good as it goes when running in a car??

  interzone55 22:13 03 Oct 2005

You could connect an amp to the line output of your laptop, but most laptop soundcards are a little ropey. If hi-fi quality is important then you can purchase external soundcards that plug into a USB port - click here

  josie mayhem 22:14 03 Oct 2005

To start the ball rolling...

I'm assuming that you have usb connection on your computer. Yu can get a external usb sound card such has creative labs sound blaster 2nx, which cost about £70 but is very good value, I have this one and just swap from desktop to laptop when required. comes with a good bundle of software.

This is alright but you will need to have a electric power supply to power it.

If you want to be mobile prehaps getting a set of speakers that are suitable for MP3 player and conecting these to the line out of your laptop.

  josie mayhem 22:17 03 Oct 2005

It looks like the ball has already started to roll......

Mind you I did get interuped while typing, not quite that slow yet!

  phono 22:20 03 Oct 2005

That will all depend on the quality of the soundcard and the speakers attached to it, Soundblaster products are usually good and the general rule of thumb would appear to be "the more you spend the better the quality".

Try doing a Google search on the board you are thinking of buying for reviews and prices, if it does not come with all the required cables you can always try my previous link for Cable Universe, I cannot recommend them highly enough, and no, I don't work for, or own, the company concerned.

  laurieballard 22:22 03 Oct 2005

If i connect a decent external amp, surely i can run a subwoofer and the amp will power everything and the sound card will just be the middle man and pass the songs from the laptop to the amp.

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