Connecting spekers in new PC

  Clapton is God 15:01 15 Apr 2012

I've just taken delivery of a new Dell Inspiron 620 with Win 7 Pro and I'm trying to work out how to connect the Logitech 5:1 speakers to the PC.

3 leads came with the speakers to connect to the PC - coloured black, green and orange.

The only avaiable sound/line-in ports on the rear of the PC are coloured pink, green and blue.

Do I connect the speakers to these ports? If so, which colour lead to which colour port?

  john bunyan 15:47 15 Apr 2012

Clapton is God

Found this diagram but others will comment! Logitech 5:1

  john bunyan 15:50 15 Apr 2012

And here: More

  wiz-king 16:03 15 Apr 2012

Diagram - not much help though, your computer should recognise the speakers and if you go into the audio set-up you should be able to configure the leads/connections (right click on speaker icon).

  rdave13 16:07 15 Apr 2012

Link. Not sure about this one.

  Woolwell 16:20 15 Apr 2012

The colours on the back of the PC should indicate:

Pink - Mic in Green - Speaker out Blue - Line in

Do the instructions state whether you can change line in to rear speakers?

  Woolwell 16:32 15 Apr 2012

This may help How to connect 5.1.

Do you have Realtec Audio Manager?

  bluesbrother 18:43 15 Apr 2012

My Logitech speakers have 3 jacks on 2 cables. 1 cable with 2 and 1 on its own. The single cable plugs into the headphone socket or center socket on the back, the other 2 are redundant on the pc anyway. Works perfectly well.

  Clapton is God 18:56 15 Apr 2012


That seems to have solved it. Just using the single cable gives me sound.

Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

  Woolwell 19:29 15 Apr 2012

But are all of the speakers working? Is it 5.1?

  Clapton is God 14:18 17 Apr 2012


Yes, all speakers working (and the subwoofer) so I assume it's 5:1. ;-))

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