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  User-A78FA197-1932-4493-8DF0E29629ED22CC 21:59 12 Feb 2009

hi, could someone help me please. Bought a new laptop and i want to connect it to internet. Just bought a netgear 5-port switch. pluged in everything and one computer has internet connection and another one does not. it has limited or local connectivity only. I'we done all the steps to enable sharing internet between those computers and it still does not work. Just ran out of ideas what could be wrong. Oh yea, one computer has windows vista and another one is Windows xp media centre SP3, could this effect anything and if yes what could i do. Thanks A LOT

  brundle 22:18 12 Feb 2009

Give more details - how are you accessing the internet? Which PC is connected directly to the device that is providing an internet connection?

i'm receiving internet to my desktop pc from a modem which is connected directly to it and now i want to share it with my laptop. On my host pc when i go to settings and tick the box to " allow other computers to use the internet blah blah" then the host pc looses connectivity and then laptop gets connected. but hos pc doesn't have the internet.

  brundle 23:59 12 Feb 2009

Did you follow this guide, Internet Connection Sharing in Vista? click here

It sounds as though only one of your computers is being given an IP address. ICS will allow your desktop to hand out IP addresses to other connected computers, while keeping its own.

Having said that, the extra security and convenience afforded by a broadband router are well worth the money.

sorry, I meant receive internet from a modem, from there a cable goes to netgear switch. From there I connect my desktop and laptop. If i connect my desktop first - it becomes a host and has internet and then laptop finds unidentified network but it does not have internet. If I connect laptop first then it becomes host and has internet and then desktop does not. I followed all the ICS steps. nothing.. is there anything i have to do to netgear switch, although it supports plug and play..?

  brundle 09:21 13 Feb 2009

If you only have one network card/interface in your main PC, you won't be able to use both machines at once. Without a DHCP server (the desktop using ICS, or a router) only one machine is given an IP address, and subsequently only that machine can be identified by the modem as a source or destination of IP traffic.

To use ICS you'll need another network interface, plug the main PC into the modem, the other network interface into the switch, the other machine into the switch - in the diagram, there are two connections as stated.

Basically, you need another network card for your desktop, or a DSL router instead of a switch.

now I see ! so any network card will do the trick ?

  PSF 10:54 13 Feb 2009

A router is the best option. You will find most routers also have a hardware firewall which offers extra protection for you network.

If you are using the switch any other network card will do.

The disadvantage of using a switch is your pc will have to be on the time for the second pc to use the internet.

With a router all you need is the modem and router switched on.

i have just connected everything, both computers saying that i got local and internet connection, but on second computer when i go to websites it says NETWORK TIMEOUT.

although Skype works fine and I tried to play game online it works as well, it justseems to be a problem with websites.. disabled firewalls, tried ie and firefox.

  PSF 13:29 13 Feb 2009

Check you settings in IE, click on tools >>> internet options >>> connections >>> click Lan Settings and make sure the first option 'Automatically Detect Settings' is ticked
restart your browser and try a web site.

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