Connecting second computer to internet via wifi

  Border View 15:25 14 Mar 2008

I run with Windows XP Home SP2.

This is on a loptop with a wireless card and connect to the internet via a 3Com Wireless Router.

The router’s security is MAC address filtering and WPA-PSK encryption. Its WPA mode is WPAWPA2 Mixed Mode. The encryption technique is AUTO for WPA,AES for WPA2.

I have a separate desktop computer and have just purchased a ZyDAS usb wifi dongle. I have loaded the software drivers which came with the dongle.

When I put the dongle into a USB port and click on the ZyDAS utility, the dongle is seeing my router and next doors.

I have established the MAC address of the desktop computer. I know the SSID of the laptop??router. I have my pre-shared key encryption code.

But where do I go from here to enable the desktop to connect to the internet and thereafter talk to the laptop. I appreciate that this is probably two steps. (1) talk to the router and (2) a local area network to get the two computers to talk to each other.

Your advice on the way forward would be appreciated. If you need any further information please just ask.


  woodchip 15:32 14 Mar 2008

First you need to put the SSID and Key into the Wireless Computer Software, You should have loaded Software for the Dongle. That loads a icon in the system tray near clock. Double click on it to bring up the program and enter the above. When you have got it to connect come back for the other help you asked for

  Border View 17:13 14 Mar 2008

Thanks for reponding woodchip. I managed, not certain how but got the tower connected to the internet. Been spending the last hour or so downloading antivirus, firewall and various security software.

Will play by myself for a while to see if I can set up the LAN.

Thank you again for coming to my aid.


  woodchip 18:18 14 Mar 2008

To network them turn on both computers and any printers you want to share. Then on XP computer go to Control Panel\Network Wizard, follow it through and creat a disc to setup your other computer, on the disc will be one file double click the file to setup that computer. to share things in Win Explorer right click and choose and tick what boxes you want to share

  Border View 14:13 15 Mar 2008

Didnt get as far as a network. The second wifi internet connection turned into a nightmare. Dont know what I did, changed some settings somewhere I suppose, but it goosed my router.

Ended up with no internet connection at all. Could not access the router via the 192 route. Even connected via the ethernet cable, zilch.

All I was getting out of the 3com router was a set of flashing lights which made me think it had gone into a self check loop. Red light and power green light. Red light staying on for count of five then flashing five times all the while the four ethernet lights were bouncing like Blackpool fairy lights.

Gave up this morning and went out and purchased another wifi router, a D-link this time from Argos. Excellent instructions for setting up. I was on a learning curve about which ISP settings it was looking for but managed. This particular router comes with a USB wireless dongle. My own laptop is wifi, so I shall wait until I return home to try and set up the other computer onto the internet using the matching wifi dongle.

I am still unclear about Local area networks (i.e. to get my two computers talking to each other) and WANs.

Which to set up first, is it a chicken and egg situation?

Binned the ZD wifi dongle. Its configuration was a nightmare. Think that was part of the problem.

All good experience.

  woodchip 16:54 15 Mar 2008

All you need to do with the 3Com is at the back of the router you will see a pin hole to reset the router. use a Paper clip

  woodchip 16:54 15 Mar 2008

PS you will have to reload your isp etc in the router

  Border View 17:02 15 Mar 2008

Hello Woodchip, I tried that several times and it didnt work. Tried it for one second and then five seconds to get it back to the factory settings. Without success I am afraid.

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