Connecting router

  bahati0ne 13:45 15 Jan 2009

I wish to use a wired modem to make a network using mains wiring.
I connect to broadband by Speedtouch 330.
Will my new modem replace the speedtouch? or do I connect speedtouch output to modem.
If so speedtouch is usb and modem is adsl. Can this be resolved.


  ambra4 03:06 16 Jan 2009

Will my new modem replace the speedtouch?


Remove the USB modem and connect the new ADSL modem to the phone line

Connect a Ethernet cable from the router to your computer Lan card port

You now have to set up the Lan card to allow you access to the router

click here

  dawood 02:27 26 Jan 2009

You can also check out this Ethernet home network setup tutorial click here to give you more ideas to bring up your network. Hope it helps.

  Switcher 18:45 26 Jan 2009

When you refer to wired modem I suspect that you mean a router. The modem connects to the internet the router "routes" that connection to one or more PCs. You can have a separate modem connected to a router or as is more common a combined modem/router. You refer to a using mains wiring.
The best way to do that is by having a modem/router which then connects to the telephone line and then to te PC by an ethernet cable. Then one of the other ethernet sockets on the router connects to a Homeplug device which is plugged into the mains. Another homeplug is then connected to the mains and to another PC at another location. Voila! a network. I am sorry if I have simplified this too much but is easiest explained that way.

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