Connecting to Raid Controller

  Rustler 18:48 05 Feb 2003

Miracles can happen !
I have now completed building my own PC helped by my friends in the Helproom. The hardest part was getting the 80GB hard disc partitioned.
Believe it or not it works.
Being a glutton for punishment, my PC has an Epox BK7A+ motherboard with onboard HPT370 Raid controller.I wish to add (if possible) my old 5GB Maxtor as a second hard drive, but I want to connec it to the Raid controller but only as a spare hard drive without the 'Raid' function.
Anybody help ?.

  Rayuk 18:51 05 Feb 2003

You can but try.
Instal on raid controller[not forgettin g to instal driver first]then set it up as single raid array.
Works on some boards not on others.

Make sure the 80GB is set to master and the 5GB set to slave and you should be able to install onto the raid controller without an issue.

  Rustler 19:17 05 Feb 2003

Sorry I should have stated the following,
My 80Gb Drive is set as primary master with no slave connected with 80wire flat cable.
My Secondary master is my CDRW with my DVD as slave.
I assume that I can connect to the raid controller with a 40wire flat cable.
Does this alter your suggestions ?.

  grove34 20:12 05 Feb 2003

why dont you just slave it onto the 80gb , seems to me your making life a bit to complicated for yourself

My set-up on an Asus A7V333 -



This allows for faster data transfer when copying on the fly as the data is only going one way on each cable.

Raid Controllers:

IDE 3 = 80Gb Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 set as master.

IDE 4 = 40 Gb Seagate barracuda iv set as slave.

This set up allows all devices to be connected by their own channel. Some MB's will not allow dvd CD drives to connect to Raid controller hence why I have the set up above. On my last Gigabyte board the raid channels would take any IDE device.

It just makes sense to me that If you have the chanels available then use them, if you have four lanes on the M25 and only used two, you would expect congestion! (Yes, I know we use all four lanes and still get congestion.......)

Should also have said that there is no array defined, either mirror or stripe.

  karlroby 11:49 06 Feb 2003

All you need to do is install the raid driver and put the jumper on master on the hdd and then connnect it to the raid ide connector and when you boot up, windows should automatically detect the hard drive and install it for you and then you can use it like your other hdd.

  Rustler 18:17 06 Feb 2003

Many Thanks-Will let you know how I get on.
Don't hold your breat !!.

Been looking for my "beat" all day just so I could hold it!!!


Been looking for my "breat" all day just so I could hold it!!!


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