Connecting PSP to wireless network

  wrg 10:47 18 Jun 2007

Morning all.

Not sure if this is the correct place this request but it is computer related. I bought a PSP for my son over the weekend. I have tried to get it to connect to the internet but it wont connect. When I try I keep getting the error message "Connection error cannot establish a connection to the access point. Check N/W security settings". I am sure I have done everything correct. My N/W security settings are as follows. Authentication is WPA2 & WPA (psk) and WPA encryption is TKIP & AES. When setting the connection in the PSP I have set it up using infrastructure mode. When it scans for a N/W it finds it as WPA-PSK(TKIP). When it prompts for a password it allows me to set it under WPA-PSK(TKIP) or WPA-PSK(AES). I am 100% certain that I have the correct password, I have tried the password under both of the options above still no joy. I do have the wireless key on on the PSP. Just wondering if I am missing something simple (apart from my brain that is). Any help would be appreciated.

  irishrapter 18:30 18 Jun 2007

As far as I know the PSP doesn't support WPA, only WEP.

  postie24 20:26 18 Jun 2007
  wrg 09:50 19 Jun 2007


Thanks for your response. Basically if I want to do this I will have to revert to WEP. Is that correct? If so what are the implications?

  postie24 17:00 19 Jun 2007

Yes you will have to revert to wep.
Wep can be easily broken by hackers,but its better than no security at all

  wrg 17:04 19 Jun 2007


Thanks for your response. How does a password with WEP work. Is it something I choose or is it computer generated? Sorry to bother you but I am unsure. When I set my router up initially I did not have to think about anything, I just set it up with its default and followed the wizard

  postie24 20:07 19 Jun 2007

Its no bother at all
The wep key is normally found written down on the underside of the router.

  wrg 10:34 20 Jun 2007


Thanks for your response. I cant see a wep key under the router. We do have various codes being

  postie24 13:15 20 Jun 2007

Thats strange its not there.Have a look in your documentation with the router,might be in there.If not you can make your own up.
You will need to go into the router homepage to set up security.

  wrg 13:18 20 Jun 2007

Funnily enough I have just been browsing the USR support web-site and it looks like I have to generate my own key using a WEP key generator

  postie24 15:22 20 Jun 2007

Hiya heres the wep key generator.
click here

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