Connecting PSP to PC

  B Brush 18:40 15 May 2005

I am trying to connect my brand new imported PSP to my computer.

Admittedly I have not purchased the proper connection kit, but the USB lead from my olympus camera seems to fit the PSP.

Is it the lead that means I can't see the PSP on the computer? or do I need to download something?

I am looking for any comments / links that may help, if I have to buy something, I have to buy something, but I thought I would try here first.


  bremner 19:33 15 May 2005

From click here

Can I connect my PSP system to my PC?

A The PSP system can function as a USB Memory Stick Duo reader. Using this functionality, you can copy pictures, audio, and other content to and from your Memory Stick Duo. To access the Memory Stick Duo in your PSP system from your PC, you'll need a USB cable that has a "Mini-B" connector (common for digital cameras) and a "Standard-A" connector (common for printers, etc). Plug the Mini-B side into the top of your PSP system and the Standard-A side into your PC. From the PSP system software, navigate to the top of the settings list and select "USB Connection." Your PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) should detect a new "Removable Disk Drive" that you can then access.

  B Brush 19:23 16 May 2005

Thanks Bremner

I have now connected my PSP and can use the memory card as a removeable hard drive.

The only problem I have now is that when I put any photos or music on there the PSP states that there are no images or tracks, even though the supplied 32MB card is full.

I will have a closer look at the site you sent me the link to, to see if I can find any info as my instuction manual is in Japanese.


  karl1414 16:53 30 Dec 2005

u need to set up three folder on ur memory stick called photo,music,video and from there u save all the pictues music and videos in the nessecery folders i hope this clears thing up4 u

  karl1414 16:55 30 Dec 2005

u need to COPY and PASTE them into the folders

  FISHLICK 16:46 31 Dec 2005

fao b brush i am having the same problem did you manage to solve what to do can you tell me.

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