Connecting PCs.

  Meshuga 19:32 16 Apr 2004

While browsing the postings I came across one by mrsp posted today, 16 april @16-42.One answer, A "click here" brought up the support at microsoft page related to connecting multiple PCs. At one point it said that if only 2 pcs were involved it could be done by connecting the pcs via a cable between the USB ports. The usual configuering would have to be done of course. The instructions referred to Win 2000 and XP. I`ve never heared of this method, only of using a crossover cable. Anybody any comment on the feasability of this method and in fact is it possible to get a usb cable long enough to do it, in my case 10 metres, between 2 adjoining rooms.Meshuga.

  powertool 19:40 16 Apr 2004

check out this link ...

click here

hope this helps

  Meshuga 20:00 16 Apr 2004

Many thanks powertool. That is ideal exept that is shown as 1.8 mtr long. If it can be got in longer lengths as you can get in crossover cable it would be ok. I`ll have to get on to that company and find out. Thanks for your reply. I`ll leave it run for a while in case someone has any ideas. Regards, Meshuga.

  TomJerry 20:41 16 Apr 2004

Yes, you can connect use usb cable, but it limited to 5 meters. In fact any usb device is linited to 5 meters unless you use repeater. For your case, wireless is the best option, see this click here

  Meshuga 21:45 16 Apr 2004

Many thanks TomJerry.Meshuga.

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