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  Macaonasa 13:37 29 Oct 2003

My wife's friend (voluntary anti-drugs counsellor) wants to connect 2 PCs running XP in her little office. She has already gone to PCWorld who sold her 2 network cards and a cat 5e crossover rj45 male/male cable for pc to pc. She wants me to recommend someone to do the connecting. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to do it myself without specialist knowledge; I've installed my own ethernet card for my NTL broadband, so I can do that bit for her. Is there much more to it? Does anyone have any simple instructions and/or links before I bite off more than I can chew?

  Quiller. 13:55 29 Oct 2003

With x\p it could not be simpler. Install the network cards in both machines, boot up and install the drivers.

Next connect the cabling between the machines.Switch the machines back on and if you are sharing internet access, connect that machine to the net.

Now on the main \ internet connected machine, run the setup a home or small office network from control panel \ network connections. Follow the wizard through. Make this the main machine.

Do the same with the other machine, through the wizard. It should be up and running in no time.

  lenc 13:58 29 Oct 2003

Win XP makes it easy. Insert LAN cards, 1 per PC. Put cable into cards, I end per PC. Got to Network Connections, via Start Menu or Control Panel. Set up a home network and the wizard will do the work. You may need to make folders/files and devices shareable. For things not to be visible, make sure they are *not* marked shareable. It's really vey easy and shouldn't be a problem.

  Macaonasa 15:17 29 Oct 2003

Thanks people.

  Macaonasa 15:27 29 Oct 2003

According to this article, this method will not allow internet connection on the second PC:

click here

  leo49 15:39 29 Oct 2003

Look at the date on the article - then check the XP Helpfiles and you'll see that the guys above are right.

  Macaonasa 15:54 29 Oct 2003

Thanks leo49. The gloom has lifted.

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