connecting a PC to a router

  stevelaser 12:01 07 Mar 2008

I would like a bit of advise on my new set up. I have a desk top PC plugged into a ADSL filter on a socket that is wired to a extension phone line in the house some 3 rooms away from the BT master socket. My BT master socket is unused in a room with no PC or phone. my plan is to connect a router to this skt. so I can use a lap top any where in the house but still keep my desk PC wired to the extension line. I have never used a router and I am not sure how you connect a wired PC, do I need to connect it directly into the router. If that's the case it a problem and I cant use a wireless link as the PC is 2 floors down and shielded. The reason I want the router on the master skt is to cut out any house wiring losses, and it will give me the best signal for the rest of the house.sorry for sounding thick but as they say its only easy when you know the answer. Thanks. Steve.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:38 07 Mar 2008

You should beable to use the router and a seperate modem on the same BB line.

To setup router
1. connect router to master socket.
2. connect router to laptop with an ethernet cable
3. setup router with username password and check you can connect to your ISP/internet.
4. set up the wireless in the routerand laptop, remove cable and check you connect by wireless.
5. refit cable an set security for the wirelss connection.
6 remove cable and check wireless connection again.

  ambra4 12:40 07 Mar 2008

It is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected

cable to the Router via a Ethernet RJ45 cable for router setup.

Using a wireless connected computer for setup is Not recommended to access router setup at any time.

Remove Telephone from wall jack if install

Plug-in the 2-way filter that came with Modem/Router

Connect Telephone Cable that came in the box to the ASDL/DSL Socket on Filter and to the ASDL socket on the Router

If you had a Telephone connected to the wall jack before, plug the phone into the socket on the filter mark Phone

If you have any Phone extensions, Fax Machine, Answering Machine, etc, an ADSL filter must be installed on each wall jack

Connect a second RJ45 Ethernet cable from Port 1 on the Router to the LAN socket on your Computer
Regardless of how many computers you are trying to network together, start with just one
A bad network card, driver, cable, virus, or Spyware on just one PC can jeopardize the integrity of an entire network.
Power up the hard wire computer only and check the following: -

If any firewalls are installed on any of the PCs, uninstall them.

This includes Zone Alarm, Sygate, Kerio, Norton Internet Security, Zero Knowledge Freedom, Cisco VPN Client, F-Secure, McAfee Firewall, Trend Micro, Comodo, PC Tools Firewall Plus etc.

In many cases, disabling the firewall is not enough; you have to actually uninstall it.

Do not install or re-install the firewall until after you have the network functioning properly.

  MAJ 12:42 07 Mar 2008

You can't (as far as I'm aware), use the wireless modem/router in the main BT socket and connect using the modem on another socket at the same time. What might work, although I've never tried it, is to plug a wireless modem/router into your main BT socket, then into that plug a 'Homeplug'. Then downstairs at your PC, plug in another 'Homeplug' and attach that to your PC with an ethernet cable. Your PC will receive an internet signal through the 'Homeplug' and your laptops (if they are wireless enabled) can connect wirelessly to the wireless modem/router on the main BT socket. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 07 Mar 2008

You should beable to use the router and a seperate modem on the same BB line.

But not at the same time.

  MAJ 13:19 07 Mar 2008

Yes, that was my experience, Fruit Bat /\0/\.

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