Connecting PC to Plasma TV

  Paul33 12:14 30 Nov 2010

Here's a challenge !

For over a year now, I've had all the pieces I'm told are needed to connect my desktop PC to my 42" Plasma but, so far, I have yet to succeed !

My Dual Core XP Home PC has a GeForce 7025 graphics card with a VGA and DVI output. I have a long DVD to HDMI cable that I can connect PC to TV with but where do I go next ?

When I go to my NVIDIA control panel, there is no option to "set up multiple display" and the "Select Display you would like to use" defaults to "Analogue Display".

I have a DVI to VGA adapter that I've tried for connecting the VGA output to the cable but nothing happens.

The only time I've come close is when I've selected "Force Television Detection on startup" from the NVIDIA control panel and connected to the DVI output. Doing that brings up the display both on PC monitor and TV simultaneously and looking good until just before the Windows account user sign-on screen when both crash to a blue problem screen and reboot occurs.

Am I doing something wrong or are my componants /hardware no good ?

Any help appreciated.

  letsgetrdy 13:49 30 Nov 2010

Do you have the latest drivers from nvidia?

I don't understand what you mean when you say dvd to hdmi, i take it you meant dvi to hdmi yes?

I use my laptop for a HTPC in my bedroom, it however has hdmi output port. I'm not sure if a dvi to hdmi adapter would work, as I've tried myself in the past (my laptop also has vga output)

I tried doing vga from laptop, to vga to pci adapter, and then into a dvi port on an old 22" flatscreen that i have laying about. Never worked. At the time I put it down to the adapter, thats all it could of been. Since then i got a 42" bravia, and never had an issue with hdmi to hdmi.

Does the computer detect the TV as a display in device manager, or nvidia control panel?

here is what my settings look like click here

My laptop screen is not shown up as I have its lid closed (disables it). If it were open, then that display would be another selectable choice.

  Paul33 10:01 01 Dec 2010

Okay - seems to be working now !

I downloaded latest driver - I suspect that was the cause of the blue screen - and forced the video card to detect the TV which it did this time.

I switched the multi-display option in the control panel to "clone" and we are up and running ...... albeit with no sound but I gather that DVI-HDMI doesn't carry sound other than via separate leads.

Thanks for your help.

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