Connecting to a pc miles away.

  SB23 18:36 21 Nov 2006

My father in-law has recently purchased a pc. The basic concept of which he has begun to fathom out for himself, but there is alot that he doesn't understand, and would like help with.
The problem is that I am 200 miles away.
What I would like to know is, isn't there a way to connect pc's with XP Home, but how do you do it, are there settings that I need to find, and what else do I need to know?

Thanks in advance,


  Miké 18:43 21 Nov 2006
  rodriguez 18:46 21 Nov 2006

Get VNC it's a bit easier than Windows Remote Desktop - click here), just get the free edition as this is enough. Install on both your father-in-law's computer and on your computer. Then you'll need to portforward both your router and his router (if either of you just use a standard modem you don't need to do this, just make sure you allow VNC on your firewall). Portforwarding is easy enough, just post the make and model of the routers and I'll post a page that gives you clear instructions.

  SB23 19:00 21 Nov 2006

Neither of us are using routers yet. I've got one, just not had time to connect it yet.
Thanks for the info so far, will have a read and let you know, I'll also have to speak to my father in-law.

Thanks for now,


  Alan2 19:45 21 Nov 2006

Looking at Miké's link you only need to be connected to the internet and have Windows Messenger installed on both PCs.

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