Connecting PC To Amp And Speakers

  al7478 14:51 16 Oct 2007

As suggested to me in another thread, I want to connect my PC up to a decent amp and speakers. I've sought advice from many people on this, and no one has said it would be a problem, but I thought I would check here first, before I blow anything up.

If anyone can think of any major issues I'm likely to have, I'd be most grateful to hear them.

  al7478 17:25 16 Oct 2007


  johnnyrocker 17:32 16 Oct 2007

please give a bit more info on the equipment involved


  Totally-braindead 17:56 16 Oct 2007

I've done it and theres no problem. Be careful which connectors you use though. I'm not sure what would happen, if anything, if you connected an output on the amp to an output on the PC.
As long as you connect the output on the PC to an input on the amp theres not really anything to go wrong. Well as far as I'm concerned theres not. Gives good sound too.

  al7478 18:12 16 Oct 2007

Thankyou both. The amp is a NAD 320, im not sure what the speakers will be yet - some entry level floor standers probably. Do i need to check my power supply or anyhting TB? As im not sure i can access it on my dell, and am not particularly keen to try.

If you have any speaker reccommendatons, feel free.

  Totally-braindead 18:19 16 Oct 2007

I'm well out of touch with speakers and hifis in general so haven't a clue. To connect a PC to an amp all you do is connect a 3.5mm jack plug from the output on your PC to some of the inputs on your amp then select that input on your amp to play. Thats it really. Theres no testing or anything required, I used to use the Auxilary input on my amp simply because that was the one that was clear.

  al7478 18:45 16 Oct 2007

Many thanks T-b and all. I'll tick this now, i just needed that extra bit of reassurance that the pc should be able to handle it.

  eedcam 23:30 16 Oct 2007

Line out from pc to any line in on your amp and you will be fine

  al7478 23:34 16 Oct 2007

Thanks eedcam

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