Connecting old printer to new computer

  nicander 00:56 20 Jan 2007

Can I connect a 1996-vintage HP LaserJet 5L printer, designed to connect to a parallel port, to a new computer which only has USB sockets? If so, how, and where can I get suitable drivers?

  pac73 01:36 20 Jan 2007

Yes you can,you,ll need a cable with one end parallel and the other usb.Once you,ve connected it up,windows should say its found new hardware.It will try to see if its plug and play,if it isnt,it gives you a list of manufacturers,and model numbers.You just find yours and it will install it and the drivers.Thats what happened with my HP Deskjet 970cxi.

  pac73 03:51 20 Jan 2007

Did it work?

  nicander 12:51 20 Jan 2007

Sorry! Perhaps shouldn't have posted "resolved". Looks like an excellent solution - thanks. However, I don't at the moment have a cable - or adaptor - with the right plug parallel at one end and USB at the other, and have first to get hold of one which may take a day or two. When I do I'll post the result.

  wjrt 13:01 20 Jan 2007
  nicander 10:00 24 Jan 2007

I've now acquired a USB to parallel cable. Have connected printer and downloaded driver and gone through Add Printer routine. The LaserJet 5L is now listed as installed and ready to print, but still won't do so - comes up in the printer box etc and can be selected, but I then get error message "failed to print". I've tried it selecting both LPT1 port and USB virtual port, but neither seems to work. (My other printer, a seven-year old Epson Stylus color 980, works OK printing to USB virtual port). Any suggestions?

  David4637 14:01 24 Jan 2007

I found the printer driver HP 6L works better with the printer HP 5L using XP. Does not answer your main query though. Let us know if/how you get it to work LPT1 to USB. David

  nicander 22:48 25 Jan 2007

Thanks all. LaserJet 5L now connected and working happily. However, getting to this part was far from straightforward. Turned out the problem was with Windows not recognising the USB to parallel cable, even though the driver provided with the cable had been installed. In the end I had to get an IT expert friend to come in and sort it out. (Something about the cable driver not being needed, but you had to install it and then delete it before Windows XP would do whatever was necessary - all way beyond me, I'm afraid).

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