connecting nsa 310 wirelessly

  alan2k1 18:43 17 Apr 2012

Hi Sorry this is long The other week i bought a zyxel nsa 310 network attached storage unit Set it up without any problems to a virgin media super hub It is visible and accessable through network to any laptop or desktop wired or wirelessly i have connected to it Its a wonderful unit and found it extreamly useful I told a friend who also bought one and asked me to set it up Now here is the problem I set the nsa 310 up on his wired desktop computer prob visible and accessible through network Then came his 2 laptops ...neither could see the nsa 310 in network If i directly connected the laptops to his router via a cable problem the nsa 310 was visible and accessible in network I tried my laptop which i know is fine on my network ...connected it to my friends and his nsa 310 was not visible or accessable wirelessly but like his laptops... it was if connected wired to his router After hours of messing i discovered that if i turned off his kapersky firewall restarted his laptop all was fine using the wireless connection to his router That led me to think if was something in the kapersky firewall , but got nowhere soon as the firewall was turned on i couldn’t see or access the nsa 310 in network Just to confused things even futher i bought his laptop to mine connected it to my router and even with the kapersky firewall ON my nsa 310 was visible and accessable no problems I can only conclude there is some difference in the way his (sky) and kaperskys firewall are communicating wirelessly Any help would be appreciated Thanks


  Woolwell 20:09 17 Apr 2012

Which version of Kaspersky? I had a similar problem a couple of years ago and had to add the range of IP addresses into Kaspersky. I'm sorry but this was some time ago and I cannot remember precisely how. I now have Kaspersky 2012 and don't have the same snag.

  alan2k1 20:30 17 Apr 2012

thanks for you reply not sure exactly what version but i do know its the latest the thing i find strange is that when i brought my friends laptop and connected it to my virgin media super hub wireless network i had no problems what so ever even when the firewall was enabled

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