Connecting my PC to the TV????

  Bam 21:43 17 Apr 2003

Hi guys, I'm looking to connect my PC to the TV to watch DVDs and I need to find out how.

My Setup:

The video card is an ATI 8500 (All-In-Wonder) with a breakout box. This has a number of connections on it 1) S-VIDEO 2) 3 pin (yellow/white/red) what's that called? 3) single orange pin.

The TV has 2 scart sockets at the back and at the front theres an s-video socket and again the 3 pin (yellow/white/red) socket.

The PC and TV are about 20ft apart.

What's the best way to connect them to give me the best possible picture?

Where's the best place to purchase the necessary equipment?

Thanks a million

  Embezzler 23:28 17 Apr 2003

Firstly you need to connect your break out box to the Vid Out socket. The three colours stand for Video (Yellow), Left Sound (White) and Right Sound (Red). To connect this to the TV you will need a RCA omposite cable with multiple plugins on either end. This allows you to connect one side into the TV and the other into the PC.

I could only find this site with a 20ft RCA cable click here(FORMAL) it's under Cable Technology.

You could even get a RCA converter which allows you to plug it in to a scart socket. I could not find a site for this but i brought mine from Argos it was included in their connection kit.

  Embezzler 23:32 17 Apr 2003

sorry :)

  Bam 23:54 17 Apr 2003

Cheers, is this better than using the s-video option?

  SteevScotland 01:23 18 Apr 2003

From experience I found that you will grt a better picture from the S video. You will still have to use the red and white audio leads though.

Cheers S

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