connecting to my netgear wireless router

  SteadyEddie 21:25 05 Aug 2006

I'm on tiscali broadband and have used the provided sagem modem so far with no problem. I have now bought the netgear DG834pn wireless router to use instead.

But I can't login to the router/ connect to the website that you are directed to in order to set it up with their wizard(i.e. Http//

I have it all properly connected with the erhernet and adsl line, I have 'pinged' it - and it talks back. I have the correct IP addresses/gateway etc etc as expected and I have checked its configuration for DCHP - again setup as expected.

But when I open IE and enter the webpage - it just won't connect.

How do you connect the new router ?!?! Somebody else been in a similar position and worked it out.

Please help - I've been through the instructions so many times and have tried all its suggestions.
Thing is it still works on the old sagem if I plug that one back in. Help !

  Dipso 21:41 05 Aug 2006

It should be http : // without the spaces or click here you don't have a colon in your example.

  daba 21:45 05 Aug 2006

try putting a colon : after http e.g. http://

  SteadyEddie 22:02 05 Aug 2006

Ok the colon : bit was just my typing error here! It's more like that when I open the browser and type the link in and enter, it just says unable to establish a connection.

It just can't get the router to connect to the internet despite everything wired. I have noticed that I have 2 modems setup in the dial up part of the connections tab (internet options). I have unticked the sagem and then ticked the netgear - but still no joy. If I tick the sagem back again and wire that all back up - no probs!

It almost like the netgear doesn't know what to dial (or something?)

Any other ideas !? thanks

  ade.h 22:05 05 Aug 2006

You do not need the hyper-text prefix anyway.

  woodchip 22:07 05 Aug 2006

And it should all be lowercase letters

  €dstowe 22:11 05 Aug 2006 does not connect you to the Internet, it connects you to the router in order to set it up.

  SteadyEddie 22:21 05 Aug 2006

Thanks Edstowe - that indeed makes some sense given the instructions that I have been trying to follow and indeed that's what I expected given that the step after that is described as then connecting to the internet.

But eitherway I can't talk to the router. I can actually connect to click here with the sagem connected to the internet - but went no further as I should be doing this through the netgear.

If I just have the netgear plugged in i get "unable to connect" - as if it's looking the internet rather than the router - so i can never get further and set the thing up.

  Dipso 22:22 05 Aug 2006

"I have noticed that I have 2 modems setup in the dial up part of the connections tab (internet options). I have unticked the sagem and then ticked the netgear" you shouldn't have a dial up entry for the Netgear.

Have you managed to enter your ISP's Username and Password or have you not got that far?

  ade.h 22:28 05 Aug 2006

It beats me how you have actually managed to get any reference to the Netgear router on the client - routers do not install in any way whatsoever.

  SteadyEddie 22:32 05 Aug 2006

Dipso - no have not managed to enter my ISP username or password. This is the bit that will come next - after apparently logging in to the router using click here from the browser.

This is the step that does not work. This is the part where I get 'no connection' message from the browser as if it's trying to dial up to the internet

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