connecting more than 1 pc, same line to the net

  gforceman 14:04 15 Apr 2006

Hi,I am having still same problem with connecting 3 pc's to be exact at the same time to the net.As i have explained in a latter thread [dated on the 27/12/05] with the same heading as this one. the problem is still coming up;for example playing Battlefield 2 and other computer chatting on MSN my pc starts to lag and eventually thrown out of the server due to high ping. Could this be fault of my service provider? or could it be from another source? My internet speed is 512 kbp. I have even bought a more powerful machine to the one i had before,enhances!!,but same problem still persists.My new machine specs are: Amd Ahtlon 3500 64 bit, Geforce 6600 GT 256mb video card, 1500 mb DDR ram. Other machines are lower in specs to this one.Is there any gadget or program that can help me out? CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT PLEASE??? THX.

  VoG II 14:15 15 Apr 2006

I can't help but click here is your previous thread. This will help others to see what has already been tried.

  stylehurst 16:25 15 Apr 2006

Do remember that your 512 kbp has to be shared between your 3 PCs if they are all online at the same time. It is possible that that that you have insufficient bandwidth. Buying a more powerful PC will not help the problem.
I am not a games buff, but think you may need to have a higher speed say a 2mb connection rather than your 512.
The only other alternative is to restrict the number of computers connected to the Net at any one time.

  dms05 08:01 16 Apr 2006

Who's your ISP?

  gforceman 08:47 16 Apr 2006

My ISP provider is gibtelecom in Gibraltar, the only problem is that he is the only one in Gib providing the service. A pity, max bandwidth 512 kbp and costs a fortune £59 per month when in other countries for that price u get double or triple speed. Any way guys, thanx for your help and i'll do what Stylehurst has said, restrict the connected numbers of pc's to one in any given time. THANX guys for the help!!!!!

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