Connecting more than 1 pc to inertnet same line

  gforceman 21:21 27 Dec 2005

Can someone help me!!
I have 3 pc's connected to a hub and then to a modem router which obviously goes to the internet connection.The problem is that when I am online gaming and 1 of the other pc's connect as well, the ping of the server where I am playing raises up & I am thrown out due to high ping,but at the moment the other pc's disconnect & I carry on playing the ping comes down to normal.My connection is of 512 kbps.Is there any way/or hardware/software that can help me?
P.S the connection is the highest I can get in Gibraltar where i leave.Thanks to anyone who can help.

  Skyver 21:35 27 Dec 2005

Do you mean the hub & router are seperate bits of kit? Make & model? Wired/wireless? ADSL or cable broadband? Which game(s) in particular? Have you enabled any kind of port-forwarding?

  gforceman 22:18 27 Dec 2005

My hub & router are separate bits. The make of the router is an Ovislink ADSL modem/router with ethernet & usb port.The hub is an 8 port normal hub with ac connection.I am wired.I use ADSL connection.The game in particular is Battlefield 2 & Expansion pack Battlefield 2 Special Forces & I have also already downloaded from the official site the update they had.
The thing I dont understand is what you are telling me of port-fowarding.

  Skyver 22:31 27 Dec 2005

Port forwarding is simply instructing the router to direct communication on a specific port to go to a specific computer - most online games need certain ports `open` to work at maximum speed, but it's probably not the root of your problem seeing as you seem to be fine before other computers attempt to use the net, and sometimes not required at all unless you host a MP game on your PC.

From a BF2 site; click here

Improving Gameplay Performance
Some machines will benefit from experimenting with your
Network / Video / Sound options:


This section is very important to experiencing good internet play!

To get the best performance on your computer we recommend
you follow these guidelines:

Minimum system - Join servers that have up to 16 players

Recommended systems - Join servers that have up to 32 players

High end systems - Join servers that have up to 64 players

ISDN users - Join games with a maximum of 16 players.

ADSL/Cable users - Join games with a maximum of 32 players.

T1/LAN users - Join games with a maximum of 64 players.

This might help too click here

  Skyver 22:32 27 Dec 2005

Otherwise, try connecting your PC directly to the router rather than via the hub and see if you get the same problem.

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