connecting modem

  bruno 09:31 23 Mar 2006

This might be a silly question,but is it possible to connect a broadband modem to a computer that has not got usb?It is using win98.

  terryf 09:52 23 Mar 2006

click here for a usb 2 pci card

  rmcqua 09:52 23 Mar 2006

Yes, you can use an "ethernet" connection - the connectors are sometimes referred to as RJ-45 types. Your broadband modem may have a suitable output (most do, but there are some USB - only modems). Your PC will need a network interface card, if it does not already have one built into the m/board.

  bruno 10:53 23 Mar 2006

Thanks for the help,I will advise mate to get card.

  rmcqua 11:03 23 Mar 2006

OK bruno. One of these should do the trick:
click here
or, if your mate wants to add USB ports to his machine and use a USB modem, he could do as terryf suggests.

  yaesu 12:47 23 Mar 2006

Hi, you could try here click here for a card. I use a BT voyager 205 (purchased from the BT shop) router which can be connected either way. I use ethernet and it's the best move I've made.
Hope it helps, regards, yaesu

  bruno 17:32 23 Mar 2006

Thank you for the links,men,I will pass them on to him tonight.The story is that he runs a business and had a dial-up account with AOL which served his home and office.Last week he bought a new computer and changed his account to broadband.He suddenly rang me and said his office computer would not connect to the net.I realised that AOL had stopped his dial-up which affected the office.I gave him a spare BT modem I had and then he discovered he had nowhere to plug it in as his elderly office machine has no usb ports,so we have to find a way around it,or he will have to join the modern world and spend some of his ill gotten gains on a new office computer.Once again,thants for the advice.

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