Connecting Laptop To screen help

  Daveuk06 12:19 30 Dec 2007

hi, my laptop screen has recently died (connection problems) however the main computer is still perfectly usable. hopefully i will soon buy a new laptop but in the meantime i was wondering if there is any way of connecting my laptop to a tv or other computer in order to save my files to a disk or device. i have tried to connect it to a projector but the connections apear to be different and it will not work. the only connection that seems suitable is a white colored one with D V H or D V I-I above. not bieng particualy good at the technical side of computers i have no idea if it would work. it has 3 rows of 8 small squares and to the right a + shape with 4 squares around it. sorry for the need of a description. any help would be great, Thanks

  johnnyrocker 12:23 30 Dec 2007

a make/model of laptop might be a good start


  Daveuk06 12:27 30 Dec 2007

Hi, sorry about that i just thought as i posted.
from what i can find its a Packard Bell MIT - SABLE - G. Hpae that helps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 30 Dec 2007

Sure its not a GT

your description sounds like a DVI output
the G does not have the DVI output

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 30 Dec 2007
  Daveuk06 12:51 30 Dec 2007

Im fairly shure it dosnt say GT. Al it says on the lable is Model: MIT-SABLE-G
I have looked on the internet and there are 2 types of the DVI connections and i have the DVI-I and not the DVI-D

  anskyber 12:53 30 Dec 2007

You can probably use this feature click here

  Daveuk06 12:56 30 Dec 2007

thanks il try that however i only have one DVI connection and no VGA, what conection leads would i need for this to work.

  anskyber 12:57 30 Dec 2007

unless you need the main screen to set it :-((

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