Connecting laptop to pc keyboard + 20" tft monitor

  VNAM75 00:11 29 Aug 2008

Is this possible? So its like a pc setup but with the laptop acting as the tower unit. If the laptop lid is closed shut will it still output to the monitor?

  paretonpoulo 00:17 29 Aug 2008


  ambra4 01:32 29 Aug 2008

You need to change the power management of the laptop

Right click on the Desktop – Properties - Click Screen Saver Tab – In the Monitor Power Section

Click Power Button and change the setting to what you want

  DieSse 11:15 29 Aug 2008

As long as you've got a VGA output, you can attach a monitor.

You'll probably need a USB keyboard - as most modern laptops don't have the older PS/2 ports. You'll need to get (a wireless one would be best) a keyboard and mouse set.

  DieSse 11:20 29 Aug 2008

Note also - some laptops expect to be open when running, as there are cooling vents that need to be open - and if you set it to run at full power all the time, you'll want good cooling anyway.

So the best plan is probably to stand the laptop on its side edge, slightly ajar - for cooling and stability - and make sure any cooling vent on an edge is on the uppermost edge. This may interact with where the monitor plugs in - if so you'll just have to do the best you can.

  VNAM75 13:30 29 Aug 2008

Thanks. I don't think my laptop has a vga port though.

  ambra4 18:49 30 Aug 2008

"I don't think my laptop has a vga port though"

99.9% of all laptop have a VGA port to connect to an external display, an external projector etc.

It the blue connector at the back or side of the laptop

Connect the monitor to the blue connector and using the “FN” key (Function) and the

“CRT/LCD” key look at the top of keyboard “F” keys

Hold down the FN key and press the CRT/LCD key once

Display will change as follows: -

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

Depending in the size of the monitor you will have to adjust the screen resolution for the

display to fill the monitor screen

Right click on windows desktop-properties-setting and change the screen resolution to

the correct size

  VNAM75 15:46 01 Sep 2008

Thanks, I've managed to connect it. The vga port is on the left. The laptop graphics card wasn't able to support the resolution of my 20" tft so the pixels looked very big, plus with it being vga and not dvi the picture quality is not as sharp.

  ambra4 15:59 01 Sep 2008

Take a look at this program it might to get the correct setting

click here

  dms_05 16:10 01 Sep 2008

Most laptop graphics cards support resolutions much higher than the native laptop screen resolution. If you left click on your Desktop it should take you to the settings for the graphic card.

  VNAM75 16:13 01 Sep 2008

Thanks ambra, will give it a try but I think its more to do with the limits of the laptop card. I'm currently running 1680x1050 on the 20" tft but the laptop can only support up to 1280*1050.

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