Connecting a Laptop & a Desktop via Ethernet Cable

  java.a 18:59 30 Mar 2005

i have a laptop and a desktop pc, but i use my laptop for work and my desktop for gaming etc. But i only have internet access on my desktop.

So i thought i would connect my desktop and laptop together, so i could transfer files easier and maybe use my internet connection on my desktop through my laptop. I connected the two together with some ethernet cable. Went through all the steps to connect them etc. But when i go to connect to my desktop form my laptop a get asked for a username and password. So i went back to the network settings (Incoming Connections Properties> Users) on my desktop to see what the username and password was. I got the username but it seems that my desktop appoints a default password to all the users with in the network access list. Even if you try adding a new user to the network user list it appoints the same default password. Which is'nt handy at all because i don't know the dam thing and its obviously in asterix so i can't see it.

Anyone have any idea on how to take password requirment off or does anyone know what the default password would be..????

Any help would be appreciated.


  TomJerry 22:57 30 Mar 2005

how do you log into your desktop PC?

  java.a 09:20 07 Apr 2005

NO!! its a different password to my logon one it has like 12 i say above "but it seems that my desktop appoints a default password"

  mgmcc 13:03 10 Apr 2005

>> NO!! its a different password to my logon one it has like 12 characters

If you are using Windows XP, it "masks" the number of characters in the password by adding additional dots or asterisks so that the actual number of characters isn't apparent.

  grandad89 13:29 12 Apr 2005

Are you using a cross over ethernet cable? This is required if you are not going through a hub.

  java.a 09:54 18 Apr 2005

yeah im just using a cross over ethernet cable, but it does'nt matter now,iv'e sold my laptop and im getting a mac mini. Thanks for all the help.

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