connecting to internet anywhere via laptop

  geman 14:27 03 Mar 2003

are there any ways to connect to the internet using your laptop anywhere? for example, could i use someone elses phoneline(with permission) or connect via mobile phone?

  graham 14:40 03 Mar 2003

Someone else's phone, yep, no problem in the same country. Mobile phone, maybe. You could have a mobile phone fitted in your lap-top which would do the trick, this is what service personnel use.

  stlucia 14:51 03 Mar 2003

Yes, but to avoid international telephone charges you need to use an ISP that has local numbers for you to call in whatever country you're in.

Alternatively, get a free trial period disk for a local ISP service provider in the country.

  Taff36 14:54 03 Mar 2003

The only problem is I don`t know how to temporarily log onto a foreign service provider to get you onto the net. When in the Middle East last month I used an internet cafe to manage my e-mails.

If you just want to be able to collect and send your e-mail why not try click here. Go to advanced log in and enter your mail server details. (you can find that information from outlook TOOLS >ACCOUNTS>PROPERTIES) then enter your username and password. From there you can do almost everything.

  Taff36 14:57 03 Mar 2003

Sorry mail2web is .com

  Stokey 15:09 03 Mar 2003

The only person who knows the answer you are looking for is your ISP (ask them?!) unless your ISP is AOL in which case the answer is yes. I know because I do it :o)


  Stokey 15:11 03 Mar 2003

That's when the laptop is working. Lurve computers -- hate laptops almost with a vengeance!

  jazzypop 16:14 03 Mar 2003

You could try the ipass system. Costs £5 per month above the standard ISP account charge (£10pm with Mistral), and 20p per minute while online. See click here - incidentally, I rate Mistral very highly as an ISP.

Not cheap, but the coverage is superb.

Or investigate AOL - they certainly used to have a comprehensive global POP network.

If you know you will be able to access the Web via someone else's account (they will obviously have to share their username, password and dialup number) it would be easier to just use their PC and access your mail via an ISP's Web-based mail portal (as Mistral and many others do), or use the mail2web service.

  Tolek 16:28 03 Mar 2003

I know two ISP provider in Poland:
1. OnetKonekt, tel: 0209580
2. PPP, tel: 0202122

  consultik 17:09 03 Mar 2003

I signed up for in (I think France) and then played around with the registration to find the local dial-up numbers for belgium and switzerland (for when I'm travelling). Half the time this works fine, the other half I never seem to get connected and I have no idea why. also my btopenworld number doesn't seem to work everywhere in the UK any ideas why?

  Gaz 25 17:21 03 Mar 2003

To connect via a mobile phone any pay nowt but monthly fee?

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