Connecting home equipment to PC

  Muckleface 14:59 10 May 2003

I got a TV, Stereo, and PC and am gettin a new VCR soon...

I want to connect it up so that the sound from my PC, TV and VCR come through my Stereo speakers, so my DVD player in my PC will output to my TV, so my PC will "capture"/record TV on to the HDD and also so the PC can output to my VCR should I need to copy DVD to VHS.

Does anyone know anywhere that I can find info on what sockets I need and what connects to where etc?


  Muckleface 23:44 10 May 2003



  Steve N 01:33 11 May 2003

man that is a big request. I cant answer it all but ill try. i kinda would like to do this myself but not on the same scale.

For the sound I assume you have a seperate amp which are connected to speakers. You can connect all you equipment to this using phono cables. (the red and white/black connecters on the back of ur TV/VCR) however for you PC to go to the amp you will need a mini jack(like a headphone plug to 2 phono) assuming you are using the motherboards inbuilt sound.

To get the DVD player to output to ur PC you will need a video card with a TV out connector on it (it is black and round) I think you will then need a S-video to scart cable or s-video to 3 phono depending on ur TV something of the kind.

For you to capture TV on ur PC you could get an addin capture card that you would normally use for getting camcorder movies with.

Frankly though you could just get a PC TV card so you can watch TV on ur PC. They usually come with recording programmes.

As for DVD to VCR the S-video to scart thing would be good again too.

This is all off the top of my head, and it maybe wrong but u should have a look into it.

  The PC Doctor 01:40 11 May 2003

Sound from PC to TV - Stereo cable from Audio line-out on PC to Scart adapter in the the TV. TV will have to be on the AV channel to hear the sound.

If you are wanting to use the PC to play DVD's through your TV then you will also need a TV out graphics/video card to scart adapter, as well as the sound connections.

If you want to record TV programs on your PC the you will need a TV Card in the PC. I tried setting one up to record the Video output channel so I could record Video's or TV. Not ideal - the quality was.... Not very good!

If you are trying to record to the Video then you may find the TV Card will confilct with the TV out Card. You may have to settle for one or the other. Again the quality may suffer.

I have recently experimented with recording VCD's on my Pc and found the quality to be acceptable. This is the way I would suggest you think about going. Then you could play your DVD's and VCD's on your DVD player.

Of course the last (but not least) consideration is, are you breaking any copywrite laws in copying Video's/DVD's. I would suggest you are which is why I only dabbled with it....

Whatever you decide, you are going to need very good graphics, Sound, TV Cards even to consider this. My advice, the money just isn't worth it. You will not get good quality unless you fork out a load of money.

  Murray 01:44 11 May 2003

you should be able to get all the cables you need from, your local audio/computer shop, or, (if you're really desparate) that place we all love - PC world

PS hope I didnt go too over the top on your other thread :-)

  y_not 06:52 11 May 2003

Why does everyone assume that copying DVD's etc is breaking copyright? ("I would suggest you are...")

Only last night I handed over six identical copies of a DVD and a further three copies on VHS tape of an original!

Did I break copyright? NO! They were from my nieces wedding a week ago (and I took the video).

Sorry to "spout on" but I do get annoyed with the automatic assumption (and I do get it regularly)

  -pops- 07:11 11 May 2003

Copyright or not, if you copy commercial DVDs (or video tapes for that matter) the results are often very poor because of the anticopying devices (Macrovision and such like) on the disk or tape. Likewise with a lot of commercial audio CDs.

It is of no consequence to me whether you break copyright rules or not but, don't expect good (or even any) results every time.

  Murray 15:37 11 May 2003

lets not get into this argument again, its been done to death on this forum

For what its worth: -pops- are you suggesting that uncopyrighted material has 'anticopying devices' on it? wheres the point in that?

  hugh-265156 16:00 11 May 2003

all you will need to connect up onboard sound to your stereo/homecinema amp/hi-fi is a mini dics adapter lead 2x rca phono-3mmjack plug and a free line in or aux socket on the amp.if your soundcard supports 5.1 and your amp does too an optical lead is the best connection but are usually quite short at about 1meter length and longer runs are connect the computer to output to the tv a svideo to scart adapter is needed or composite to scart.and for recording tv to hard drive a tv card for the computer will come with software for recording from the computer to vcr if the graphics card is connected with the above lead/s and you can output the picture to the tv screen then just record to the vcr as you would a tv programme by selecting aux on the video.

  rosblot 16:23 11 May 2003

It's possible to do everything you wish using a Hollywood bridge. You will need a firewire connection from the bridge to your PC or Mac. You can avoid long cable runs by using a radio trans mitter from the TV to the Bridge or vice versa and the same for sound to your hi-fi. The transmitters and receivers can be obtained from Maplins or Argos for under £100 the pair a Hollywood Bridge is about £200+. Quite costly but the set up works and what you want to do is not to everyones pleasure. All necessary connections are on the Bridge which will do digital or analogue as required.

  Muckleface 18:44 25 May 2003

Ok, Ive had rethink and worked out a few things.

Ive managed to work out how to connect all the visual stuff, but Id like to run the Dolby 5.1 sound from my Gamecube, PS2, PC, TV, DVD, and DigitalTvBox through my hifi.

My hifi has six channel inputs (literally 6 holes) on the back but NO optical inputs.

Obtical switchboxes are available so no worries there, but I need something that will convert the optical cable into a six channeled cable.


Thank you.


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