Connecting HD Box and DVD player to TV using HDMI lead

  tonyx1302 17:35 12 Feb 2012

I have a Panasonic HD TV(1yr old) with a Sky HD+ box. I am going to buy a Panasonic DMP-BDT110EB DVD player and want to connect it up with the DVD player at the bottom and the Sky box sitting on top and all under the TV.

I have been told to use the HDMI lead supplied as it improves the picture. Where does that go ?

After checking with Google and other posts I got lost along the way!

Could someone please tell me in simple Jack and Jill language..... 1.Put the dish lead into the TV..... 2. Connect the DVD player to TV by Scart connection etc.....or whatever.

Thank you for any help


  rdave13 18:13 12 Feb 2012

I'm not sure about this but if the Panasonic is only a DVD recorder you won't have a HDMI connection on it unless it's a Blu-Ray player? Secondly you can record off the TV but not from the Sky+ box as it is encrypted. At least my post keeps this near the top :)

  sharpamat 18:35 12 Feb 2012

All depends on how many HMDI imputs you have on your TV.As its a blu ray player not a recorder if you have two inputs on your TV like my Sony has 4 you can connect your HD Box to one and your blu ray player to the other, You can select normally from your on screen display which one on is active

  eedcam 18:58 12 Feb 2012

As said if your tv has more than one hdmi input then a hdmi lead from player and sky required .Check your tv manual as you may find one socket is advised for the satellite connection

  tonyx1302 19:37 12 Feb 2012

Thank you for coming back. The player is Blu-ray and a player only and my TV is a Panasonic TX-37LZ81 and the manual tells me it has a HDMI connection.

So it what lead goes to what please ? Sorry very not technical minded.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 12 Feb 2012

How any HDMI ports on rear of TV?

You really need two, one from DVD to TV and one from SKy+ HD box to TV.

Sky box connection

  rdave13 20:06 12 Feb 2012

Check the back of the TV and look to how many HDMI ports it has. Can't find manual, yet, for it. If it has more than one HDMI connections then simply connect the player and Sky to these connections. Switch on both and with the remote select 'source' from the TV's remote. Select HDMI1, then HDMI2, etc to see what is what.

  tonyx1302 20:14 12 Feb 2012

Hello Fruit Bat /\0/. I have checked my TV manual and I have two HDMI inlets on my TV. Am I right in guessing that I use one HDMI to connect the player to the TV and another HDMI lead to connect my Sky box to the TV ? And if so, what does the dish aerial playing into please.

Sorry but I haven't had time to checkout your click to Sky box helpcentre but will do after posting this.

Thank you


  tonyx1302 20:19 12 Feb 2012

Sorry rdave13 I have just seen your post. I think you have answered my concerns but just mystified where the aerial lead goes to!


P.S. Does the HDMI le3ad really improve the picture ?

  rdave13 20:22 12 Feb 2012

Sky dish to sky box and from sky box to hdmi as it's a + box ready for HD. Player the same.

The dish aerial is for the FreeSat that's built in.

  rdave13 20:36 12 Feb 2012

I'll try again. For sky+ box you need both sky leads connected to the sky+box and from the sky+ you need to connect to TV via HDMI cable. Player is simply HDMI cable connection to TV. If you have another source from the dish available then you can also connect this directly to your TV as it has a freesat tuner available.

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