Connecting front bay sound and firewire

  zemdarin 15:32 22 Sep 2005

I have just installed an 8 in 1 Multi Panel front bay with 2 USB2 and 1 IEEE-1394 plus multi card connections.
I have managed to connect the two USB2 ports and all the card readers, but unable to connect the Mic and headphone socket, or the IEEE-1394 port. Is there a way to connect both, it is a scrabble trying to plug things round the back all the time. I only had 1.1 usb ports at the front before.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:49 25 Sep 2005

Depends on the motherboard. Can you give some details.

  zemdarin 20:08 25 Sep 2005

Hi Thanks for reply. The motherboard is a GA-7VTX series but there isn't any connections for IEEE-1394 only if I install a PCI card. The USBs I have connected only work as a 1.0 usb. I may have to put in a PCI combo card as it is telling me I need a High Speed Host Controller. I think I have found the answer on Ebay with a firm selling a PCI combo card with a 3½ front bay for USB-2 and Firewire. It just would be nice if there were more firms that sold the front bays here in the UK. Even this one is based in the USA.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 25 Sep 2005

As you have found out, it is to do with the availability of these features on the motherboard itself. Going with the PCI option seems the best for now.

  zemdarin 20:39 25 Sep 2005

Yes Thank you. I did think that connecting the bay to the motherboard for the USB2 would have worked OK, especially as I have XP SP2. I have never read anywhere that you would have to buy a PCI USB2 card as well. I don't think sellers make everthing as clear as they should.

  DieSse 22:17 25 Sep 2005

The motherboard manual should also show where to connect the sound sockets too.

Do the front panel audio wires show input and return wires, or just one. The way you wire them to the motherboard is different.

  zemdarin 10:04 26 Sep 2005

Unfortunately the Motherboard doesn't have connectors for front bay inclusion. It was an optional when I bought the computer in 2001 from Evesham. I knew nothing about computers then. The Manual shows where they should be on the M/B but I don't have them. The front bay panel I fitted has a four pin male socket for the lead supplied, it then splits to one lead with three female sockets for gnd, Mic-PWR and Mic-in and the other part of the lead has four connectors female L-out, L-in, R-out, R-in. I know how to wire them that's why I wanted to know if there is a sound card with these kind of connections. All manufactures show their cards on the internet but only one or two show real close-ups of them and the pins to connect to. A lot of the USB2 and IEEE-1394 PCI boards show an internal connector, but I have no idea what you would connect to something inside the computer for, and there isn't much explanation either. Most just say Three external USB2 and one internal, Two external IEEE-1394 and one internal. Why would anybody want an internal connection? I would understand if it was to connect a front bay with the connection so you could make use of it. Maybe I haven't got the plot yet. Why doesn't my front bay work as a USB-2 when it is plugged into the M/B without a PCI card?

  woodchip 10:09 26 Sep 2005

USB2 on Win98 and ME will not work unless you get the correct drivers with the hardware, saying that USB2 will work on the above. It will always default to USB1

  zemdarin 10:28 26 Sep 2005

So I do have to buy a PCI mobo card then? My computer is XP SP2?

  zemdarin 10:29 26 Sep 2005

I meant combo card there

  woodchip 10:36 26 Sep 2005

Yes as the header pins if it's a old USB1 Board will only work as USB1

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