Connecting to friends WiFi

  southpaw 12:46 07 Jun 2008


I have Windows Vista and currently use Tiscali as my internet Provider. I use a lead as I do not have Wifi.

My Toshiba laptop does have Wifi but flicking the switch on.

When I try connecting to the internet at my friends house (they have BT broadband with WiFi) I am unable to get anything.

Although it show that I'm connected when I click on IE it keeps saying page unavailiable.

What am I doing wrong? I'm a novice with Wifi.

I have the seriel key codes etc etc but am unsure of why I can't access anything even though my laptop seems to find the wifi connection.

Help please??

  ened 12:56 07 Jun 2008

In the bottom corner by the clock there should be a 'Network' logo.

If you hover the cursor over that it will show you all available networks.

If no networks are available but you know your router is transmitting, check to make sure you have turned you wireless on.

The router needs to be able to see you so check the security settings on it.

  martjc 13:02 07 Jun 2008

...Spyware blocking access.
[run more than one good anti-spyware progs.]

firewall blocking access.
[Check firewall settings]

Low signal strength.
[Is there a wall, metal frame, heavy door, fishtank or anything else that could dampen the signal between you and the router?]

Low signal quality.
[You may need a high gain antenna]

Some laptops have their antenna built into the screen framework, making them directional. This is not an ideal situation. Try turning the laptop around 90 deg, then re-connecting.

  crosstrainer 13:04 07 Jun 2008

Right click the network icon in the taskbar.

Choose "connect to a network"

Choose your freinds (there may be others)

You should be prompted for the network key.

Input the key.

Should now connect.

  davejo 13:24 07 Jun 2008

Depending on the make of wireless router you may have to get your friends to go into the settings of the router and allow you to connect, some like Belkin and Netgear have the option to block all except trusted users.

  woodchip 14:09 07 Jun 2008

If the Encryption key of the Wireless router is not loaded into your network settings you will never connect

  southpaw 18:01 07 Jun 2008

I click on connect to network and it connects no problem. I have the key so no problems there.

BUT when I then click on IE to open it it asks me to connect through my ISP.

How can I access through my friends connection (it says I am connected)

  woodchip 18:09 07 Jun 2008

You are connected to the router, but either firewall or some other software stopping you or he is not connected to the net. Is is router turned on with all lights on? can he cpnnect. It will not work if he turns it off

  crosstrainer 18:11 07 Jun 2008

control panel>internet options>connections...tick "Never dial a connection"

Remember to change it back when you are at home.

  southpaw 18:11 07 Jun 2008

Router is working fine as the other laptop is connected as I'm using it to type this.

How can I check what is blocking it?

Network says I'm connected to BT Hub.

  crosstrainer 18:14 07 Jun 2008

It's assuming you are at home....Follow the steps in my previous post to never dial a connection, and you should be fine.

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