Connecting external USB hard drives to my computer

  Housten 16:13 07 Mar 2016

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, After all the help I have just had I resolved not to trouble you for at least a fortnight. This has gone out the window, as you can see.

The problem I am having is a real silly. Yesterday ( Sunday ) I synch'd then backed up my computer to a 128GB USB 3 pen drive, a 1 TB portable HD and a 2 TB HD. These are plugged into a 7 port USB 3 7 port hub ( a 'SAVFY' ), and then into a USB 3 port on the back of my computer. The hub has a power supply, but sometimes it seems that if something is plugged into it still shows on my computer!! This I do not understand, but I am quite happy to accept the situation.

However having done all the backing up yesterday, I have switched it on, and switched on the drives - all the ports on the hub have individual switches - but none are showing on my computer. Neither when I click on 'Explorer' or 'Show hidden icons' do any of the drives appear. Is there a command or instruction that can be given to the computer which would force it to look for such drives. I know I have probably done something wrong, but I am not aware of doing anything that would have blocked my computer from searching for these drives.

Any replies will be most gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 07 Mar 2016

do they show in device manager?

click on USB device and then Action - scan for new hardware.

  difarn 18:14 07 Mar 2016

Are you using a usb port on the bac of your PC. In some cases usb devices don't show up on reboot if a front port is used. In this case you have to unplug and re-plug in devices.

Is your PC set to "allow this computer to turn this device off to save power"?

Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus controllers -> USB Root Hub

Right click on each of the USB Root Hub options and then click on the Power Management and make sure that the checkbox above is unchecked.

Have you been into Disk Management to see if external drives have been given partition letters?

This post on another forum (Jimbo 45) explains the steps to take, with screenshots.

click here

  Secret-Squirrel 18:16 07 Mar 2016

Housten, if you plug the drives directly into your computer, do they appear? If they do then make sure your USB hub is getting power and that it's connected properly to the PC. Unplugging it then plugging it back in may help.

  Housten 12:11 08 Mar 2016

Gentlemen, Good Morning, [ I replied but the site said I had to log in to post my reply. I was already logged in!! So I copied my post, logged out, logged back in and am hoping this works this time!! ] Fruit Bat /\0/\, No they didn't show in Device Manager. So I scanned for new hardware, nothing!

difarn, I went through the USBs listed hubs and made the change you said. No change. I followed your link, to the screen shots - no change.

Secret-Squirrel After reading your comments I did as you suggested, and the drives appeared. I made certain the hub was powered and after about 30 minutes fiddling with it my 1 TB Seagate drive showed up. Then I noticed that with each port on the hub having its own switch when I switched them on and switched off the power to the hub they stayed on! So I switched on my 2 TB Lacie Porsche design which is plugged into the port beside the 1 TB drive but it doesn't appear! With all these problems I have been having I think it is the 7-port hub that is having a problem. As I said in my original question it is a make I have never heard of prior to my purchasing it, but I took a chance. I have a couple of 4 port hubs but these are both USB 2, but they appear to work, so as I have changed the configuration I bought the 7 port for I think I will purchase a 4 port USB 3 hub, and see how that works out. When I have got it up and running OK - assuming that it does - I will let you know. In the mean time I will use one of my USB 2 hubs.

Many thanks, gentlemen, for all your help. It was your suggestions that made me look at my 7 port as the possible problem - which I now think it is. You have all been a very, very great help, Thank you.

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