Connecting DVD Recorder and VCR + Cable

  Rosalie86 16:19 25 Apr 2008

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to connect my 'Cable TV' to both my 'DVD Rcorder' and the 'VCR'... I've split the 'Cable Lead' so it goes to the 'DVD' and the 'VCR' then the outlet's from the two device go into a 'AV Switcher'....But!!!! It will record and play back the DVD but not the VCR, I can hear the VCR but not see anything...

Any ideas please.

  BT 17:02 25 Apr 2008

I've got one of these
click here

You can get them from lots of places.I got mine in Tesco for about a tenner.

  daveeb 10:54 28 Apr 2008

Why don't you just daisy chain them i.e.

stb av1 > video av2. video av1 > dvd recorder av2. dvd recorder av1 > tv av2.

  Rosalie86 11:23 28 Apr 2008

Hi 'BT'

Thanks for your reply, I've got one of those 'AV Switchers' but I must be connecting it wrong.. After I split the 'Cable/Virgin' signal I then went into one of those 'Switchers' using AV1 and AV2 but when looking at the play back after using the 'VCR' to record the screen is blank but i could hear it!!! Doh!!!

  Rosalie86 11:26 28 Apr 2008

Thanks for your reply Daveeb!!

Sorry for being a thicky :-)! But I don't get thought your reguesting...

I can't see how it could work!!!

Many thanks

  daveeb 13:38 29 Apr 2008

Howdy Rosalie86

what i meant was forget the splitter. connect the dvd recorder to the tv and the video to the dvd recorder. If you have a set top box connect that to the video. That way you can watch the set top box, record to either dvd recorder or video and copy videos to the dvd recorder, all with only one scart socket being used on the tv and not a splitter in sight.

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