connecting dvd hd recorder to freeview tv

  sosimple 18:40 30 Nov 2006

HELP!! I have just purchased a Samsung DVD HDD HR734 recorder and have tried to connect it to my tv with built in freeview. I am unable to recieve freeview channels through the dvd player and therefore cannot record them, also the analogue channels that I can receive have terrible reception. Can anyone help me to connect them correctly in order to rectify the above.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 18:43 30 Nov 2006

i think it has some thing to do with the dvd recorder being anolouge, i think you need a digital one to be able to record the digital signal altho i could be rong.

  sosimple 18:47 30 Nov 2006

Thanks I think it is digital but it doesnt say anywhere on the box or in the instructions

  postie24 18:53 30 Nov 2006

You can record from your freeview,you have to alter the scart settings in your tv menu.Say for instance your dvd recorder is plugged in to scart 1 at back of tv,go in to the av presets in tv menu and set the tv to output from scart 1.The freeview signal will then go straight to the dvd recorder allowing you to record it.

  snooker 19:02 30 Nov 2006

Hi sosimple

I managed to record from a freeview box just as you want to do but last time I tried I couldn't manage it.
Talking it over with my son he said he had done it and it depends on how you connect your incoming aerial ie it should go through the freeview box before the Video or DVD.
It might be worth swapping the cables round.

Good Luck

  Jackcoms 19:09 30 Nov 2006

"it should go through the freeview box before the Video or DVD"

Read sosimple's post again. He doesn't have a Freeview box - it's a TV with built-in Freeview


Lead from aerial to 'aerial in' on TV. Lead from 'aerial out' on TV to DVD recorder.

Scart lead from AV2 on TV to AV2 on recorder.

  Pidder 19:10 30 Nov 2006

I've tried to connect a digital tv (Grundig) to a Bush DVD recorder via the correct scart sockets but get only a very broken picture. The simple answer seems to be a DVD recorder with built-in Freeview. Why are so many analogue TVs and recorders still on sale with the imminent demise of analogue transmissions?

  postie24 19:36 30 Nov 2006

Like i said you have to alter the output of the scart on the tv

  sosimple 19:41 30 Nov 2006

Jackcoms Thank you Its now working. Thanks to everyone for their ideas.

  Pidder 09:20 01 Dec 2006

If your response is to my problem I have done that but no better. Thanks anyway.

  Stuartli 09:27 01 Dec 2006

>>Why are so many analogue TVs and recorders still on sale with the imminent demise of analogue transmissions?>>

They will still be perfectly usable in conjunction with a Freeview set top box.

If you have an analogue TV or recorder the Freeview set top box (or PCI TV card) converts the digital signals back to analogue; this is the reason for the slight delay between the normal analogue transmission and a Freeview box's input to a TV.

The conversion back to analogue is also the reason why claims of "better" pictures and sound have no basis, unless the TV is a digital rather than analogue model. Nicam sound is digital in any case.

The value of digital transmissions i.e. Freeview is that more channels can be carried in the bandwidth available.

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