Connecting Dell Axim X51v to Internet via Livebox

  rjs_01 15:55 28 Dec 2005

I have a Wanadoo Livebox at home which I use with my desktop PC. I am trying to get my new X51v on the Internet using it. My Axim sees the network without any problem and I have entered the WEP Key into my handheld but it won't seem to get me online (it just says cannot connect). I'm new to wifi so any advice would be great as far as setting this up goes.

Many thanks

  mgmcc 19:38 28 Dec 2005

Third-party hardware can be used with the Livebox, but the Livebox needs to be set in "pairing" mode so that the Wireless Network Adapter can be set up to work with it.

Wanadoo's tutorial is at - click here

  rjs_01 21:10 28 Dec 2005

Thanks. I had a look but was unable to follow the instructions as when I got to the "Change Wanadoo Wireless Network Settings" and am asked to "Select the Wireless Networks tab" I don't have one. I have "General" and "Advanced" but nothing in between. I'm using XP SP2 - any ideas? Thanks again.

  mgmcc 21:53 28 Dec 2005

That is probably because you have the Wireless Adapter's own software installed which is being used in preference to Windows' own wireless networking software. You should still be able to perform the same tasks with the software you are using.

If you want to enable Windows' own software (and get the additional tab), right click "My Computer" and select Manage. In the window that opens, click the [+] beside "Services and Applications" to expand it and select Services. In the right pane, navigate down to Wireless Zero Configuration, double click it and then click the "Start" button to enable it. If you now select the Properties of the Wireless Network Connection, it should have the middle tab.

  rjs_01 18:31 30 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply. I made some progress with your advice. Got to the point of entering my WEP key into my PPC and got the message "Cannot log onto the wireless network. The network requires a personal certificate to positively identify you". It then cleared the WEP key from my settings.

Also, when I am attempting all this on my PPC, often it does not look for the networks when I enable wireless, whereas sometimes it does. I don't understand why it gives me the list of networks sometimes but not at other times. Sometimes it does a rescan after a soft reset but recently it hasn't.

  mgmcc 20:41 30 Dec 2005

Sorry, I hadn't appreciated that you were using a "Pocket" PC - I've no idea how you would connect that to a wireless network :-(

  rjs_01 23:29 30 Dec 2005

Yes. That is the Dell Axim X51v.

  Edward_Winsall 16:45 31 Dec 2005

You should be able to connect to it as a standard wireless network.

You will need to enter the WEP key printed on the base of the box and it shares the internet, you dont need third party software, just windows.

I have a livebox and have never had any problems

  rjs_01 18:44 01 Jan 2006

Does my PC need to be on to use the Internet on my handheld?

  Edward_Winsall 16:01 06 Jan 2006


  rjs_01 19:42 06 Jan 2006

Thanks. If you managed to connect a handheld to a livebox is that all you did - just enter the WEP key and it worked? I did this and had no luck. Any advice you can give on the settings you have on your handheld would be great as I am completely stumped.

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