Connecting Creative T7700 to Dimension 9150

  madmariannes 19:48 03 Jul 2010

Just bought a refurb Dimension 9150 (tower only) and want to connect my old Creative labs T7700 to it to get some sound out. There are 3 leads on the T7700 (orange, black and green) and there are 5 inputs on the Dell (blue, green, pink, black and yellow). I don't have clue what to put where or if this is even possible. Presume I shall have to download some drivers also?

  MAT ALAN 20:03 03 Jul 2010

Plug in black to black and green to green and see what happens

  madmariannes 20:19 03 Jul 2010

Wow, yes it works! However, I now remember my earlier problem which was that the sound stopped coming out of the speakers a while ago and only comes out of the headphones. I am getting brilliant sound out of the headphones now. Any ideas on how to get the speakers back in action? I have done all the obvious like connections etc. Thank you Mat Alan.

  MAT ALAN 20:21 03 Jul 2010

unplug the headphones...

if you have any sort of audio config select speakers as opposed to headphones...

  madmariannes 20:56 03 Jul 2010

No, I unplugged the headphones and checked in the settings and it didn't work. I checked the settings on the old pc when this problem first occurred and it didn't help. Still no sound out of the speakers.

  MAT ALAN 21:06 03 Jul 2010

How are your speakers cables connected are they in the right config, just try a pair first.
it may be your soundcard does not support true 7.1

  madmariannes 21:40 03 Jul 2010

I have only ever used 3 of the 7 speakers (front left, front right and front centre)and they are connected how they always have been, they used to work up until about 3 months ago. As I said earlier, this problem predated my acquisition of the dimension.

  MAT ALAN 21:45 03 Jul 2010

Updating soundcard drivers seems the only way to go now.
it still could be some sort of configuration issue as your headphones seem to work ...

  madmariannes 21:49 03 Jul 2010

Well thanks for your help, the headphones DO work, so that is some progress from the start of this thread. I shall update the soundcard drivers, however, my feeling is that there is some switch (or something) somewhere set the wrong way but I am darned if I can find it....

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