Connecting Computers

  dublincity 07:34 10 Apr 2004

I am trying to learn something about the theory (on this, I’m a dunce) and practicalities (on this too, I’m a dunce) of connecting my new PC (OS Win XP Pro) to my old PC (OS Win ’98 SE).

Systems Diagnosis reports tell me that on both PC’s I have 1 LPT Port and 2 (old PC) or 3 (new PC) COM Ports. All that registers with me is that on the old PC the USB’s are old and on the new PC they are USB 2’s.

Can anybody recommend a website for beginners that will help me out? Many Thanks.

  howard60 07:38 10 Apr 2004

you are on the best site for beginners and anyone else. There are many ways of connecting pcs. You can buy a usb connecting cable that will work with both pcs that are close together or you can buy network interface cards for each pc and then get a crossover cable to connect them or you can get the new wireless network cards so no cable between.

  Satmansq 08:05 10 Apr 2004

Hi here are some sites that i picked up to research similar material;
click here
click here
click here

Hopeyou find your answer

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