Connecting a CD-RW?

  Jimi_L 21:51 05 Feb 2006

Hi, I recently tried to install a new CD-RW drive, but I have never installed one before. This is how I connected it:

I have my DVD-ROM drive connected via IDE to port 1 (blue end of IDE cable to blue connection on the motherboard)

Then I connected the CD-RW drive via another IDE cable to port 2 (one in the middle of blue port and the floppy drive)

Then from the same Port 2 I connected the Hard drive via the second connector on the same IDE cable as the CD-RW.

The computer seemed to burn music files ok. But some others didn’t come out well, is there a better more efficient way to connect my CD-RW?

Please Help,



  jimv7 21:57 05 Feb 2006

Hard drive as master on ide 1, cdrw as master on ide 2, dvd rom as slave on ide 2, connect the cdrw to the end connector and the dvd rom to the middle connector, the 3rd connector to the ide 2 socket on the mobo.

  wobblymike 21:59 05 Feb 2006

In your configuration I recommend the following:

Hard drive connected to Primary IDE channel,on its own

CDRW and DVD Rom drive connected to Secondary IDE channel with CDRW jumpered to master and connected at the end of the cable and DVD ROM drive jumpered as slave and connected to the middle of the cable.

  kjrider 21:59 05 Feb 2006

What blank CDs are you using?

Some of the cheap ones my be useless. Do you do a data check on them after burning?

If it is working burning data or music I would blame the blank CDs.

  Jimi_L 02:38 06 Feb 2006

Hi, thanks for the replies. I tried connecting them the way you suggested but had forgot to set the CD-ROM to master, I will do this but its too late and I’ve spent way too much time on the computer already, anyway, I’m a avid gamer and have been told in the past that to have PC game disks play at there best its better to have the DVD-ROM as master?, I’m in a predicament, I need a RW drive but I need my DVD-ROM to play at its best. How would I set the drives up?

Please can you Help,



  Jimi_L 02:41 06 Feb 2006

Sorry when I said "CD-ROM to master" i ment CD-RW

  Jimi_L 02:50 06 Feb 2006

Also I’ve been told that with the DVD-ROM drive to plug its IDE cable into the 1st connection (from the right, socket 1, the blue socket) on the mobo, plugging the blue end of the IDE cable into it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:54 06 Feb 2006

Keep HDD on other cable CD/DVD will slow down data transfer rate of HDD if on same IDE cable /channel
Always put CD / DVDs on same cable.

Writers prefer to be master (some software burners will not work well if writer is slave.)

DVD Rom will NOT be slowed by having it in the slave postion.

Only slowed if you happen to be burning data to the writer at the same time as reading from the ROM drive. This is why people who are coping direct from Rom to writer have the rives on different IDE channels / cable.

  Jimi_L 20:46 06 Feb 2006

I now have the CD-RW shown as the D drive and the DVD-ROM drive as the E, is this ment to happen?

  wobblymike 20:47 06 Feb 2006

it is that's fine

  Jimi_L 03:31 12 Feb 2006

Do i want the Hard Drive to be a Master too on the other IDE?

so i would have RW=master, DVD-ROM=slave, Hardrive=Master...?



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